The blood of Palestine drifts Al Houthi’s saliva in Yemen ... Money on the bodies of the dead

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NewsYemen, Al Ain News:

Some people’s misfortunes have benefits. This is how the Houthi militia, which shed Palestinian blood, secures its saliva to collect money on the bodies of the dead.

As soon as the spark of escalation between the Palestinian factions and Israel flared up, a week ago, the Iran-backed Houthi militia rushed to launch a financial collection campaign, claiming to support Jerusalem.

A campaign that sparked a great wave of anger in the Yemeni street and the political, human rights and governmental circles, as it takes the name of Palestine as a peg for trading and plundering the money of the poor.

According to local sources who spoke to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, Houthi leaders imposed large sums of money on merchants, financial houses, commercial establishments, and even small shops, as part of a campaign they launched a few days ago under the slogan of "Supporting Jerusalem."

It also set a unified account number in all banks and exchange companies under the same name, in conjunction with a massive publicity campaign to urge the poor to donate.

In separate statements to Al-Ain Al-Akhbar, politicians and military confirmed that the donations imposed by the Houthi militia are transforming into the war effort and feeding its war machine against the Yemenis, as well as developing the investments of its leaders, which greatly expanded their financial activity in Sana'a.

Last Saturday, the Yemeni government warned its citizens in the unedited areas in the north of the country against trading the Houthi militia in the Palestinian cause with the aim of collecting funds to finance its internal fronts that are witnessing the fiercest battles.

Collections on the approach of the Brotherhood

The Houthi donations in the name of Palestine are not far from the looting carried out by the Yemeni Brotherhood in the name of Palestine over the past decades.

This was explained by the leader of the General People's Congress, Yahya Al-Abed, by saying that "the Brotherhood took Jerusalem as a peg to collect donations, and after each campaign new investment projects appeared for the group in the field of marine fishing, or spinning and weaving, opening universities, private schools and hospitals, and in the field of money laundering," It is the same Houthi approach now. "

"The Yemeni people have become absorbed in the activities of the parties that trade in religion, collect donations in the name of religion and Palestine, preceded by Bosnia and Herzegovina and Chechnya, and invest many humanitarian files to inflate the assets of their leaders and their special projects," Al-Abed added in his speech to Al-Ain News.

And "the Houthi militia, which has the same mission, is collecting funds to enhance its assets, including recent investment in exchange companies and commercial malls, which reveal the destination of the funds that they steal under various names," according to the Yemeni leader.

Al-Abed emphasized that the collection groups in the name of Jerusalem did not hand over a single riyal one day to Palestine or Gaza, adding that the militia created several names to collect funds, such as donating in the name of the Messenger and the Prophet’s birthday, and sometimes to Hussein, Jerusalem, Qassem Soleimani and the families of the martyrs, and recently in Ramadan in the name of zakat. Part of the Houthi entity’s system to control the reins of the state to the north.

The Yemeni politician indicated that the people realize the goal of Houthi levies and that they have some capital to support them and blackmail others under the force of arms.

And he considered that the coup group is carrying out the same practices of Iran's proxies in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria by taking Palestine and Jerusalem as a banner while threatening the security of Arabs and the region.

Al-Houthi plundering of the Palestine Support Associations

Al-Abed revealed the Houthi militia’s control of the Canaan Association for Palestine, which was one of the most important associations in support of more than 10 thousand Palestinians in Yemen, through food support or scholarships in universities, and the implementation of humanitarian projects in Gaza and Nablus.

However, the coup group looted the headquarters, assets and funds of this association, appointed a Houthi administration for it, and cut off all support that was provided to the Palestinians in Yemen, according to what Al-Abed confirmed.

The Houthis also looted the "tent of resistance", which was the forum for Arab issues and Palestine in Sanaa, and turned it into an internal camp for it, according to the Yemeni leader.

Al Houthi and the Brotherhood .. the path is one

The Brotherhood conveyed their experience in investing the Yemeni people's affection for the Houthi militia, since Jenna was creating the Brotherhood’s coat and until it was brought to Sana'a, so that today they are closer to competitors than to being parties to war, according to the spokesman for the fourth military region of the Yemeni army, Captain Muhammad al-Naqib.

The military official told Al-Ain News that, "in the name of the donation to liberate Jerusalem and the local and cross-border charitable activities, the Brotherhood has built their largest financial empire and a huge media machine on the same path that the Houthi militia is currently taking."

He added, "Today, the Yemeni citizen in Houthi-controlled areas has the choice, either to prove that he is with this militia to pay the levies required of him, whether in the name of Al-Aqsa, birth, or zakat, or he refuses to face their consequences for treason, and the same is the case for the citizen in the Muslim Brotherhood’s areas of influence."

But the military spokesman confirms that the Yemeni people and the Arab nation are well aware of the plans of these entities, the latest of which is the chaos of the Arab Spring that the Brotherhood ignited in Arab countries for the benefit of Iran's proxies.