The "humanity" of the National Resistance intervenes to save the residents of a region afflicted by water poisoning

English - منذ 33 يوم و 11 ساعة و 40 دقيقة
Mocha, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The Humanitarian Cell in the National Resistance responded to the appeal launched by the Public Health and Population Office in Al-Mokha District, on the West Coast, to provide relief to the residents of the "Al-Shat" village, afflicted by water poisoning.

The director of the health office, Dr. Samiha Jamil, said: "The intervention of the humanitarian cell in the national resistance in response to our appeals comes from the leadership's keenness to extend a helping hand to those affected in the coastal districts."

Jamil called on the organizations to intervene to provide the field hospital with flaxolate nutrients, Spro-suxazine, butterflies and drills urgently.

Today, Monday, Al-Mokha General Hospital received 80 cases of water poisoning from residents of Al-Shat village in the isolation of Ma'amrah, while the National Resistance moved ambulance crews to transfer about 40 other cases of poisoning to the hospital.