Brotherhood media: Saving Aden from the heat is a violation of sovereignty

English - منذ 11 يوم و 16 ساعة و 46 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Brotherhood's media considered Governor Ahmed Hamed Lamlas's move to rent 100 megawatts of electric power a violation of sovereignty and a coup against legitimacy.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in Yemen, Samir Al-Nimri, described, in his tweet on Twitter, the move of the governor of Aden by signing an agreement to lease additional electrical energy to save Aden, in violation of the powers of the Yemeni government residing in Riyadh.

Activists re-tweeted a previous tweet by the Brotherhood's Al-Nimri journalist, praising the move of Marib Governor Sultan Al-Arada, who signed a contract to complete the gas-electricity connection project for the city and did not consider it a violation of the government's powers, as he said about the agreement of the governor of Aden affiliated with the Southern Transitional Council.

In the same context, the southern writer Saleh Ali Al-Dawil said, “Ramadan has passed, and Aden enjoys the heat, and the sovereignty of Sharanjieh, the Brotherhood, is an ear of clay and an ear of dough. As soon as he signed an agreement to lease 100 megawatts of electricity to Aden, the mouths of sovereignty shouted: This is a violation of sovereignty and an infringement of legitimacy.”

Al-Dawil added, wondering: “Is sovereignty to call Aden free and violation of sovereignty a solution to it?

Southern journalist Hussein Hanshi commented on the contradictions of Al-Jazeera correspondent Samir Al-Nimri regarding the move by Meles to rent additional electric power to raise the generating capacity of Aden's electricity and save the city's residents from the heat.

Al-Hanshi said that Al-Nimri sees the signing of the southern governor of the electricity contract, an act against legitimacy, the state and sovereignty, and the signing of the governor of Marib Brotherhood, Sultan Al-Arada, the electricity contract and with a private company itself, a statesman and provides services to people and a work that serves the state, sovereignty and legitimacy.