US Senator: Houthi targeting of civilians is a terrible behavior that must be condemned internationally

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Aden, NewsYemen:

Democratic US Senator Bob Mendenez stressed the need for the international community to condemn the horrific attack of the Houthi militia in Marib.

Mendeniz said that the Houthi attack on a gas station in Marib is not justified by any legitimate military purpose, pointing out that targeting civilians is the behavior of a party not interested in peace.

The Chargé d'Affairs of the US Ambassador to Yemen, Cathy Westley, had expressed her horrific shock at the Houthi militia's targeting of a fuel station in Marib with a ballistic missile, which led to civilian casualties, including children.

Westley said in a message posted on the US embassy's Facebook account on Sunday evening: "We are appalled by reports that the Houthis used a ballistic missile to destroy a gas station in Marib, killing and wounding civilians."

She added, "According to what was reported, the Houthis then used a drone to attack an ambulance crew who came to help the victims,"   stressing the need to stop this inhumane violence immediately.