Government official: 11 civilians victims of Houthi militia crimes in "Hesse" in two months

English - منذ 11 يوم و 2 ساعة و 48 دقيقة
Hess, NewsYemen, special:

The director of the information office in The District of Hesse in Hadida said in a special statement to "NewsYemen", that april and May of this year 2021 carried with them a lot of Houthi crimes committed against civilians of the people and displaced persons residing within this directorate.

The director of the office, Hossam Bakri, said that in the past two months, innocent civilian victims have numbered 11 dead and wounded, mostof them women and children.

Bakri said all these victims were caused by landmines, sniping and shelling of neighbourhoods with various machine guns, artillery shells and rocket-propelled grenades, which caused mass disasters of innocent victims and were heartbroken by their ugliness.

During his statement, the Director of Media Of Hesse provided a detailed explanation in which he explained that April recorded five wounded, including (2) women and (2) children, and Elderly, adding that May recorded 6 dead and wounded, 2 of the dead women and (2) women injured, including a child and a child.

One of the most prominent of these crimes was the april 16th crime, which left three wounded, two women and a child, whose home was targeted by a mortar shell while they were on the iftar journey on the fourth of the holy month of Ramadan, and sustained sporadic injuries described as serious.

He noted that the second crime was on May 23rd, in which two people were killed and two wounded when a mine network exploded while they were engaged in the process of dying and grazing sheep, and shrapnel turned them into pieces and tore the limbs of two of them lucky to survive.

He pointed out that the Houthi militias have not been satisfied with these heinous crimes, and will not stop carrying out their terrorist operations targeting civilian dignitaries with various weapons, and continue to carry out these criminal acts to practice the harvesting of new human lives.

He called on the United Nations and the international community to take tough decisions to prevent and deter this terrorist group and to stop such criminal acts against civilians, as it is taking the Sweden Agreement as an umbrella for all heinous crimes against the people of Hesse and Hodeidah.