Road maintenance fund assesses the possibility of rehabilitating the road and streets of Al-Mocha

English - منذ 11 يوم و و 48 دقيقة
Al-Mocha, NewsYemen:

On Tuesday, an engineering team of the Road Maintenance Fund conducted an initial assessment of a number of streets and secondary roads connecting the city of Al-Mocha to the possibility of future re-maintenance.

The Director of the Directorate of Al-Mocha, Bassem Al-Zariki, held a meeting with the team charged with monitoring the damage to the streets of the city of Al-Makha, headed by Engineer Abdul Bari al-Harbi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Fund, on a number of topics related to the rehabilitation of some streets and lines of the Directorate.

The meeting approved that the Fund should begin emergency and urgent maintenance work for the main line linking the city's Mocha junction, after completing the damage assessment and preparing the necessary studies.

Al-Zariki stressed the need to launch the ras Omran-Al-Mocha line maintenance project, which the Fund had promised to implement earlier.

Al-Zariki and the engineering team visited a number of the streets of the Directorate to monitor and assess the damage and prepare the necessary studies.

The streets of Al-Mocha and the roads linked to them have been vandalized by the war of the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, and maintenance has been suspended for years.