The Marib Holocaust... When the "Brotherhood" aims justified the Iranian means of death

English - منذ 10 يوم و 19 ساعة و 24 دقيقة
Marib, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The incident of honoring the prominent Houthi leader, Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, by the Palestinian Hamas movement, an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, sparked widespread anger among Yemenis on social media.

On Monday, the Houthi group’s media published a story about the movement’s representative in Sana’a, named Moaz Abu Shamala, honoring Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, under the allegations of “his role in supporting the Palestinian cause,” while conveying the greetings of the movement’s leadership “to the Yemeni leadership represented by Mr. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi.”  

Al-Houthi media broadcast a video statement by the representative of Hamas after the honoring, which considered the meeting "a culmination of the relations between Hamas and the brothers in Ansar Allah (Houthis)," expressing hope that "God will increase this relationship and unite us always on the path to victory."

This position sparked the anger of Yemenis on social media against Hamas' honoring of al-Houthi, a day after the Holocaust committed by the group's militias by targeting a gas station in the city of Marib.

According to the latest statistics, the targeting resulted in the killing of 21 people, including two children, most of whom were charred as a result of the fire, while dozens were injured, and among the victims of the Holocaust was the girl "Lian", whose charred body was circulated by activists, next to her completely charred body.

 Al-Houthi group denied responsibility for the incident at first, but its leaders published a picture in which it claimed that the picture of the body of the girl, Lian, was not from Yemen, but in Syria, to turn out later to lie.

In light of the increasing local and international condemnations of the crime, the Houthi group acknowledged its perpetration by Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, in a tweet, in which he claimed that his militia targeted the headquarters of the Third Military Region in the city of Marib, and demanded an independent investigation committee, and said that his group is ready to pay compensation in case investigations prove the fall of civilian casualties.

It is noteworthy that Al-Houthi’s tweet came hours after he was honored by Hamas, which contributed to the rise of Yemenis’ anger against the movement and the consideration of what it had done as a crime in addition to the crimes of its mother organization, the “Muslim Brotherhood.”

The recent Marib holocaust reminded the city of the loss incurred by the UAE’s withdrawal from Yemen in late 2019 as a result of the Muslim Brotherhood’s incitement against it, and one of the results of which was the withdrawal of the “Patriot” defense system that the UAE brought in to protect the city of Marib.

This system contributed to protecting the city for nearly 4 years from Houthi missile attacks, as it confronted dozens of ballistic missiles. However, the scene changed completely after the withdrawal of the UAE, and the city of Marib became at the mercy of Houthi missiles.

For voices within legitimacy to demand the provision of this system, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, Faisal al-Majidi, demanded in a tweet to him on "Twitter", in which he said that "it is important to provide missiles and Patriot batteries to protect the city of Marib, the civilian population and the displaced."

Al-Majidi’s call was ridiculed by observers and activists, who reminded the government official that this American system is one of the latest and most expensive in the world, as the price of one system reaches about one billion dollars, while the price of one missile launched by the system to intercept another missile is about 3 million dollars.

The United States of America has allowed the sale of the system to only 11 countries so far, while it is still refusing to sell it to a number of countries, led by Turkey, which for years has been negotiating its purchase amid an American refusal, which prompted it to buy the Russian S400 system.

This system was not the only one that the UAE provided to Marib, but its forces on the ground contributed to the liberation of the fronts in Marib, Al-Jawf and up to Nihm from mid-2015 to late 2017, despite the heavy loss it suffered when 45 Emirati soldiers were killed by a Houthi missile strike on a coalition camp.  Mareb in September 2015.

Despite the continued Brotherhood incitement that caused the UAE to withdraw its presence on the ground, the UAE’s role in defending Ma’rib continues, according to the coalition’s recent confirmation to deny Brotherhood rumors of a military base for the UAE in Mayon.

Where the coalition confirmed that "the current Emirati effort is focused with the coalition forces in confronting the Houthi militias in the defense of Marib by air," which constituted a resounding scandal for all the Brotherhood accusations against the UAE during the last period, while it is still seeking to prevent the fall of the last bastion of legitimacy in  The north and the most important strongholds of life for the Brotherhood as well.

This exposure may have prompted the group to try to save its face, through the remarkable statement of one of the most prominent Muslim Brotherhood tribal leaders in Marib, Sheikh Ali bin Hassan bin Gharib, to the group’s “Suhail” channel, who praised the Emirati role in Marib and said that the governor’s tribes could not deny it.  

Although some considered what Bin Gharib said as part of a Brotherhood policy in “distributing roles,” it is in itself a testimony of condemnation against the Brotherhood and that it defines its enemies and alliances according to its own interests at the expense of the interests of the nations, whether in Yemen, Palestine or other countries.  

According to the principle of political opportunism that "the end justifies the means".