A complete power outage in Shabwa due to debts to Antrex

English - منذ 10 يوم و 14 ساعة و 56 دقيقة
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

 The electricity was completely out in the various districts of Shabwa, including Ataq district, the center of the governorate.

A source in the Electricity Corporation said that the Electricity Supply Company, Antrix, which is affiliated with the director of the office of President Hadi Brotherhood’s Abdullah Al-Alimi, had stopped the power station in Ataq after the Brotherhood’s Ibn Adyo Authority refused to pay the company’s financial dues.

The citizens' suffering from power cuts has doubled, with the continued deterioration of services, and the Brotherhood's local authority ignoring its responsibility towards citizens.

It is worth noting that the Brotherhood’s authority in the governorate had earlier, without justification, terminated a contract with a British company that supplied the governorate with its electricity needs, and replaced it with the Al-Alimi company, Antrex.