Denouncing the killing of Lian.. Tweeters: Al-Houthi considers Yemen's children "ISIS" whose bodies should be roasted

English - منذ 10 يوم و 15 ساعة و 18 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

 Politicians and activists denounced, through the hashtag #Houthi_burn_layan, the Houthis' targeting of the gas station in the city of Ma'rib with a double attack that resulted in deaths and injuries, including the child Layan.

They said that Yemen is burning because of Iran and its Houthi arm, and that its impact will extend to the whole region.

According to their description, the criminal Abdul-Malik al-Houthi considers the children of Ma'rib and all the children of Yemen (ISIS) and their bodies must be roasted like Layan to satisfy his sadism.

And they confirmed, through cartoon pictures shared by social media pioneers, of Abdul-Malik al-Houthi in a bloody image, that since the Houthi terrorist militia ignited the war on Yemenis, it has robbed Yemen's children of the right to live and security, and turned them into orphans, displaced and homeless, and not only that, but still Pursue them with rockets, missiles and sniper bullets in the places of displacement.

In the context, they said, Layan is not the first and will not be the last, as we have been facing terrorist militias for six years and they have been killing the Yemeni people and blowing up homes and mosques, "militias that only believe in bloodshed and the killing of innocents."

They condemned the international silence regarding the terrorist Houthi crimes against the Yemeni people, asking: How long will the international silence continue on the crimes of the Houthi militia?! How long will the suffering continue, and how many of our children will we lose until the war ends..?!

They emphasized that the Houthis are a malicious plant that has taken the shedding of Yemeni blood as a belief, and corrupting their religion and their land as a goal, and the abuse they do has no parallel in history.

Last Saturday evening, the Houthi militia targeted a fuel station with a ballistic missile and a booby-trapped plane, killing 17 civilians, including the 5-year-old girl, Layan Faraj, and wounding others, after a massive fire broke out in the place.