The joint quells the Houthi escalation in Hays

English - منذ 10 يوم و 3 ساعة و 7 دقيقة
Hodeidah, NewsYemen:

 On Wednesday evening, the joint forces extinguished the sources of fire of the Houthi militia after targeting residential neighborhoods in the Hays district, south of Hodeidah.

The joint media confirmed that the militias re-targeted residential neighborhoods northeast of Hais with various types of weapons.

Meanwhile, the joint forces directed focused strikes on the militia barracks, putting out their fire and inflicting heavy losses on their members, according to the same source.

This escalation of militias comes hours after a citizen was injured by the explosion of a Houthi remnant in the village of Dar Naji, west of Hais, in a scene that summarizes the desire of Iran's arm to take the lives of civilians.

Earlier on Wednesday, militias targeted citizens' homes on the outskirts of Tuhayta city with automatic weapons. In conjunction with the flight of 3 militia reconnaissance aircraft over separate areas of the district, according to military sources in the joint forces.