The people of Al-Jawf accuse the authorities of the displaced governorate in Marib of corruption and demand that they be held accountable

English - منذ 9 يوم و 20 ساعة و 2 دقيقة
Al-Jouf, NewsYemen:

 The voices of the people of Al-Jawf governorate escalated in a campaign rejecting the financial and administrative corruption practiced by the local authority and the executive offices residing in the Ma’rib governorate, demanding that the corrupt be stopped.

A number of residents of Al-Jawf governorate accused the head of the local authority, Major General Amin Al-Akimi, the governorate’s governor, and a number of officials, including Ali Abdullah Saif, the governorate’s finance director, and Abdullah Al-Hashidi, the director of the governor’s office, of squandering public money and allocations for the displaced, on travel tickets, travel allowances, and cash gifts for their loyalists.

In this context, Eng. Naji Saleh Masih, Al-Jawf Governorate Undersecretary for Financial and Administrative Affairs, revealed that Ali Abdullah Saif, the governorate’s finance director, received all the amounts of the local authority in his name through an account he had at Baree Exchange without any legal documentary exchange procedures, and distributed them to exchange offices over the phone without any Intervention from the Civil Service Bureau.

Not only that, the manipulation of the gas allocated to the governorate is still a dilemma that it suffers from, and this comes in light of the suffering of the people of the governorate and this time - according to official documents - in coordination and agreement between the local authority of the displaced Jawf in Marib and the authority of the Houthi militia, which took control earlier in the year past the center of the province.

Engineer Naji Saleh Masih called on the governor to form a committee to review what was published on news websites about this manipulation, put an end to the suffering of citizens, and put in place a mechanism to prevent its occurrence in the future.

He also asked him to issue a statement to the media clarifying the truth of the documents that reveal the involvement of the legitimate authority in Al-Jawf in manipulating and trading in the governorate’s allocations of cooking gas and appointing the Houthis as delegates to receive them and respecting the sacrifices of the people of Al-Jawf, stressing that the rights of citizens are a red line.

The Houthi authorities in Al-Jawf are even worse in view of the complaints of other citizens, as Abdel Nasser Hassan Dada accused what he described as "the local authority in the Al-Jawf governorate affiliated with the Houthis" of transferring the governorate's share of gas to the black market, as the price of a gas cylinder reaches 7000 riyals, while not exceeding The value of packaged from Marib is only 3000 riyals.

In their attempts to silence the voices rejecting its corruption, the displaced Jawf authorities in Marib are using the judiciary and prosecution agencies to intimidate opponents of its policy from various political and partisan components, as documents revealed that the authorities had issued orders to prosecute military and civilian leaders loyal to the legitimate government.

The military spokesman, Captain Nasser Saleh Thawabeh, believes that the displaced Jawf authority was not satisfied with corruption, but rather coincided with dangerous factors such as disputes and the use of positions to suppress their opponents from sheikhs, leaders and activists, and they forgot that they are displaced like any other displaced person in Ma'rib.

He added: Through our follow-up to the statements of a number of leaders accused of politicizing the judiciary and buying debts, if this is proven, they wrote the end of justice and distrust, stressing that targeting sheikhs and leaders is a heinous crime, which may have serious consequences.