AlBayda..the militia struggle over Radaa royalties, which claimed a security supervisor from Saada

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Al-Bayda, NewsYemen.

 A security supervisor in the Houthi militia was killed, on Saturday, during clashes with gunmen affiliated with a security commander in the city of Radaa, north of Al-Bayda Governorate.

According to local sources, clashes erupted between the supervisor, nicknamed "Abu Nazih", with gunmen affiliated with the security leader, Walid al-Qaffaf, appointed by the militia, commander of the Special Forces in Radaa.

It confirmed the death of "Abu Nazih", who belongs to Saada Governorate, the stronghold of the militia leader, in the clashes that erupted due to a struggle to collect royalties from taxis.

According to the sources, the so-called "Abu Nazih", was appointed as a security supervisor for the group in the city of Radaa.

The intense conflict between Houthi leaders over influence, revenues, and royalties in the militia's areas of control over the past years has led to intermittent confrontations from time to time, resulting in the fall of a number of leaders and their weakening of their armed elements.