Ibn Brik: We do not want to impose our independence by war, but by peace. Today's world view of the issue of the south is different from the past

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Aden, NewsYemen:

The Vice-President of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani bin Brik, said that the council does not want to impose the independence of the south by war but by peace, noting that the world's view of the southern issue is different from the past.

Ibn Brik said in a series of tweets on Twitter, that the people in the north are affected by the Brotherhood gang, and the level of awareness of the extent of this gang’s disaster on humans has risen and is rising among the people in the north.  One, and we must assure all northerners that the south wants their best.

Ibn Brik added that what angers the Brotherhood the most is the conciliatory southern discourse among the southerners themselves, and between southerners and northerners, and there is nothing more severe than a person who calls for peace and love between the south and the north, the return of the two countries loving each other, and the preservation of the interests of the two peoples in the two countries without any harm.. We know that grudges  And revenge will build nothing.

He stressed that mastering chaos and dumping countries in it, then managing and controlling chaos is the specialty of the Brotherhood, and this explains much of the current scene.

Ibn Brik continued: "I very much believe that they are being deceived and they are the most exploited, as they are like wood with which they keep their fire burning, stressing that the battle they fear is to raise awareness of the danger of the Brotherhood on the homelands.

And Bin Brik added: "We are establishing a real partnership with northern elites and leaders who are fully aware that returning to what is called unity is impossible, drowning in the complexity of crises, and believe that the will of the southern people to gain their independence is a purely southern affair.

And the southern leader continued: "We are fully aware that this move is the most harmful to the two peoples who are suffering from the wounds of the two peoples who are feeding off blood and pus."

He pointed out that the world's view of the southern issue today is very different from the past, and the independence movements of countries from oppressive unitary entities are seen as a healthy phenomenon supported globally as a solution to conflicts.

He stressed: "We do not want to impose our independence by war, but by peace, and wars and destruction are enough, but we will defend the will of our people with the same force that we have in the will of peace."

We are aware of the scale of the difficulty of the stage, and the magnitude of the challenges and difficulties, but we are proceeding with an indefatigable determination, always before us are the sacrifices of our great southern people.

He considered that all southerners who carry the project of an independent southern state, no matter how different they differ in visions, and whatever happens between them, their project and the sacrifices of their people unite them, and some of us will be reduced to some wing.

Ibn Brik concluded, “We bet and our bet is winning that victory is for the right and nothing else, and that the forces of evil from the vampires of peoples will not prevail, and we will emerge from this rubble, north and south, victorious by the establishment of the two states, and we will build bridges of love, brotherhood and tolerance for our future generations.”