Controlling society and tampering with its social rules..Houthi documents that control marriage and punish “violators of directives”

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Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The orientations of the Houthi militia - the Iranian arm in Yemen - of what it calls marriage facilitation documents have raised societal fears that the militia will open new windows to impose more levies and financial royalties on citizens and local communities in Sanaa and its neighboring governorates.

The Houthi militia is seeking to impose (illegal) legislation through which it determines the prices and costs of marriage, including the dowry for girls, by collecting signatures of its enforcers, the head of the neighborhoods and their beneficiaries in the local authorities in the districts and governorates, considering the signatures sufficient to oblige citizens to its unstudied contents. 

The alleged documents included imposing fines on parents and legal trustees ranging from 50,000 to 200,000 riyals, under the pretext of violating documents with shiny and false slogans.

The documents also included the prohibition of songs, the use of musical instruments, loudspeakers, and all manifestations of rejoicing and joy on such occasions, as "bad and extraneous manifestations of society," as they claimed.

Journalist writer Sami Noman believes that these documents will allow the Houthi militia to "control the honor, honor and dignity of Yemenis," pointing to a more dangerous dimension of the document, "which is that it will be an entry point to blackmail people with their honor, humiliation, insult and violation of their dignity and honor."

Commenting on his page on the social networking site Facebook, Nouman sees in the documents of what the Houthi militia calls facilitating marriage "an entryway to the application of the Iranian experiment in temporary marriage, with Houthi privacy."

He said, "For a racist, barbaric group, it only needed this document to enter homes, violate sanctities and control them," noting that these steps came at an Iranian instigation, and that Iran has been determined since last year to transfer the temporary marriage model to Yemen as a "Quranic text."

He added: "The plan is continuing and is being implemented starting with the name of the marriage facilitation document."