Houthi authority and influential people compete to transfer Sanaa sailah to private property

English - منذ 52 يوم و 20 ساعة و 5 دقيقة
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Recent attacks on the banks of Al-Sailah by influential people affiliated with the Houthi militia, which has controlled the capital, Sanaa, since late 2014, angered public opinion and citizens.

An official source in the Municipality of the Capital, who preferred not to be named, explained to "Newsmen" that these attacks come at the expense of the public right and the areas that are considered part of the aesthetic of the sailah  and its banks, according to the plans approved by the competent technical authorities and study centers.

The source was surprised that the abuses by security authorities were aware of the amount and amounts of compensation that went to citizens during the construction of the major question between 2005 and 2010, and how the violators were confronted to reach this path and taking into account all the technical aspects of the historical city of Sana’a in particular and the Municipality of the capital in general and the damage that would have been inflicted on it in  If these slums continue

The source added that any abuses in any spot on the banks will bring us back to the zero point and will open the appetite of the influential for more attacks and future damage, holding the Ministry of Interior and the Capital Municipality fully responsible.

It should be noted that the walls of the liquid whose function is to direct torrents and not to build on them, because they are not designed to withstand buildings, not to mention the crime of converting the most beautiful sites into buildings at a time when cities are keen to own them to create outlets and green spaces.

The source added that the site that the Ministry of Interior intends to convert into a hospital building is included in future plans to be a bridge for cars and traffic, and it is an important outlet for the hospital itself.

The hospital administration had previously seized the adjacent street, spaces and gardens on the banks of the sailah, and turned them into distorted hangers for electricity generators, and completely disrupted the movement in its surroundings.

The local council in the People's Directorate had issued a statement regarding the attacks that took place, indicating that they violated regulations and laws, and distorted the sailah stream and the aesthetic spaces of gardens and parks.

For his part, the Sanaa parliament member, Ahmed Saif Hashid, revealed on his Facebook page with pictures to the public opinion the extent of the attacks that reflect the image of corruption practiced by high leaders affiliated with the Houthi militia.