Saudi Prince: The Brotherhood has no principle or decision.. That is why they lost everything

English - منذ 52 يوم و 17 ساعة و 39 دقيقة
Aden, NewsYemen:

Prince Sattam bin Khalid Al Saud launched a scathing attack on the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliated parties in the Arab world, indicating that they had lost everything because of their greedy ideas for rule.

Prince Al Saud said in a tweet to him on Twitter that the Brotherhood-affiliated parties in the Arab countries used religion in order to gain power, and they gave up it for their own interests, and they became hardened for their goals.

Al Saud stressed that "the Brotherhood has no principle. They have lost the respect of the people and have given up their religion and have not gained in politics, and they have lost everything for the sake of their greedy ideas of rule, even if at the expense of religion or people."

On the decisions issued by the Tunisian president yesterday, the Saudi prince said that the Ennahda group, after failing in all the files, is ready to burn the country for their lost interests.

The Saudi prince called on the security services in Tunisia to "extend security and safety in the country, and cut off the hand of the Brotherhood, so that industry and tourism can return and all the current crises are resolved."