Abyan.. Abyan Electricity Corporation exposed to theft and sabotage

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Abyan, NewsYemen:

The Jaar plant of the Abyan Governorate Electricity Corporation was robbed in a first-of-its-kind deliberate act of sabotage.

The Arwat system for the 20MVA and 10MVA transformers was stolen at the station, in addition to the nitral cable of the 10MVA transformer.

 Regarding the theft, the director of the Abyan Electricity Corporation, Mahmoud Makish, told NewsYemen that the corporation took comprehensive measures to protect the transformers, and referred a large number of alternates to investigations, which took place during the Eid holiday.

He stressed that the institution pledged to track down the perpetrators and saboteurs and bring them to justice to receive their deterrent punishment.. He called for the renunciation of this phenomenon, which disrupts public interests and incurs heavy losses for the institution.

For his part, Eng. Hussein Dahha, Operations Manager for Zanzibar Station, said, “We have two transformers in Jaar station, a ten mega transformer and a twenty mega transformer. The nitral of the transformers was stolen, and the inheritance network of the nitrate of the ten mega transformer, which would have caused a disaster, God forbid, had it occurred.  A network problem, as it would have damaged the ten megabyte adapter.

He pointed out that the engineers were linking the network that had been cut and stolen from the site, and they found traces of cutting with the saw and the urine in which the cables were opened from inside the transformer, and an emergency solution was made, which was to tie the cable and clean the place from the weed in order to connect the nirod again to the network, and now the workers are doing  Reconnect the right nerod transformer to be put back in operation.