Legitimacy scandals do not stop: exchange manipulation and partnership with Al-Houthi in the war on the south

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Aden, NewsYemen:

 A southern analyst revealed a partnership between the legitimate authority and the Houthis in the economic war that the south is being exposed to, which led to a catastrophic collapse of the national currency against foreign currencies.

Brigadier General Thabet Hussein Saleh said, in a post on Facebook, that "the measures taken by the Central Bank in Aden make it clear that both the legitimate authorities and the Houthis are partners in the economic, service and financial war on the south in particular, each of its position, capabilities, means and tools."

Among the most prominent of this, Saleh said, is the lavish financial and political spending by the legitimate authority on its councils, senior officials and tyrants, the war on the transitional, the purchase of loyalties, and the printing of the Yemeni currency in fabulous quantities without cash cover or production support.

Brigadier-General Saleh added that the extensive operations of buying foreign currencies from the southern market and transferring them to the north and abroad with “legitimate” complicity, and the imposition of large fees on cash transfers from the south to the north, in addition to the price war for goods and money, is part of the joint war on the south.

Saleh pointed out that the economic and financial war is an integral part of more ugly means of military and security wars and thugs.

The political analyst stressed that there are no solutions except by stripping these authorities of the decisions and capabilities of controlling the financial, living and service affairs of millions of people for despicable political and personal purposes.

While journalist Sahar Noman said that the situation in the capital, Aden, had begun to improve, however, legitimacy had raised the tax rate and manipulated currency rates, to impede any successes in the south.

And she said in a tweet to her on Twitter, that Aden witnessed an improvement in electricity and water services, in addition to the availability of oil derivatives for citizens. The legitimacy did not find reasons to disrupt this, other than that it raised the tax rate on merchants and manipulated currency rates to raise the voice of complaints.