Thura resistance in Abyan thwarts an attack by the Iranian arm

English - منذ 45 يوم و 16 ساعة و 53 دقيقة
Abyan, NewsYemen:

 The southern resistance forces on the Thura front in Abyan governorate thwarted an attack by the Houthi militias to take control of the front's advanced positions, on Tuesday.

The front's operations pillar, "Sanad Hazem", said in a statement published by the front's media center, that the clashes erupted on Tuesday morning, in which all types of heavy and medium weapons were used, indicating that it came after a desperate attempt by the militias to advance towards the front's front positions, but the heroes resolutely confronted and forced the applicants to return to their previous positions.

He added, "Hazem", that there is intelligence information from private sources that we obtained in the front's operations, indicating that there are casualties among the militias and wounded were transferred to Al-Bayda Governorate.

The Front's Operations Corner indicated that the clashes caused the injury of the resistance, "Ibrahim Ahmed Sheikh Muzahim", and he was transferred to Lawdar Hospital for treatment.