The people of the city of love and peace launch a campaign to receive the returnees through Aden and deliver them to their destinations safely

English - الاثنين 13 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 04:30 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

The people of the capital, Aden, responded to the Brotherhood’s media kitchens intimidating people from returning through Aden Airport, and an affirmation that society in Aden rejects the actions of bandits through the “#You_in_My_Face” initiative.

In conjunction with the case of the killing of the young man, Abdul Malik Al-Sanbani, a few days ago at the Lahj point, southern Yemen, Adenyoun launched a campaign (#You_in_My_Face) to receive the returnees through Aden Airport and deliver them to their destinations safely.

They called for support for this initiative, because it produces a solution to a problem that incitement and hate speeches cannot solve.

The campaign received a great interaction on the web platforms, and Adel Al-Yafei said: The capital of the south, Aden, is the cradle of civilizations and the source of humanity. The youth of Aden launch a campaign “You are in my face” for the expatriate who comes down and needs help, and welcomes and facilitates the guests of Aden.

He added: "Beware of offending Aden, as there are media campaigns paid and directed to distort the image of Aden. Do not believe them. Aden, despite its wounds, is fine and its people have the best hearts."

The writer and human rights defender, Hanan Al-Wadi’i, said, “You are in my face” initiative and the denunciation that followed the killing of the citizen #Abdul_Malik_Al-Sanbani by the people of the south in Aden and other southern regions, is what represents the people of the south and reflects their morals, not a group of murderers and thieves.  Dominate them before others.

For his part, the journalist Yahya Al-Abed said: "This is how the humanitarian initiative was launched by the people of Aden to receive any returnee to the homeland, an initiative that showed us their adherence to the social fabric, no matter how weak souls tried to tear our cohesion and cohesion."

Abed thanked the people of Aden, and called on all free people to join this special national initiative.

The people of the capital, Aden, considered that this campaign is a message to all those who seek to intimidate the expatriates from returning through Aden airport, and an affirmation that the people of Aden categorically reject the actions of the bandits, stressing that it contains a lot of brotherhood, love and compassion.