Al-Houthi militia carries out forced recruitment campaigns for Al-Jarrahi youth

English - الاثنين 13 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 04:40 م
Hodeidah, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

Al-Houthi militia imposed forced recruitment on the sons of Al-Jarrahi, under the pretext of fear that the joint forces would liberate the district located south of the city of Hodeidah.

The spokesman for the Zaraniq Brigades, Abdullah Asili, told NewsYemen that the Houthi militia called on the citizens to leave to defend their city for fear of an imminent attack.

He added, that the militias forced the head of the neighborhoods to recruit numbers from each neighborhood under the pretext of confronting the joint forces, and preventing them from entering Al-Jarrahi, stressing that they aim to transfer them to the Marib fronts.

He explained that the Houthi militia forced the residents to participate in a popular demonstration, calling for the recruitment of 600 young men from Al-Jarrahi's sons.

He confirmed that the militias affiliated with Iran have arrested some of the neighborhood leaders who did not respond to them, pointing out that the parents live in a state of fear for their children that the militias will kidnap them and push them to the fighting fronts.