Lamlas..a year of achievements despite all challenges

English - الاثنين 13 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 05:37 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

A year since Ahmed Hamed Lamlas began working as the governor of the capital, Aden, in the most difficult task and in the face of a gang running the state that did not want to establish a list for Aden, but he was at the level of the challenge and managed to achieve many achievements.

Lamlas is the only governor who played a role more than his role as a governor. 

He assumed many of the government’s responsibilities that the governors of other provinces do not bear, such as army salaries, security and electricity fuel, which are among the government’s tasks, but its absence and its fight against him and the residents of Aden forced him to intervene and work out solutions to these issues.

At the beginning of this year, when the military went out to demand their salaries, everyone disavowed their cause, including Hadi and the government of a certain, so it was Lamlas alone who move to relieve the suffering of them and the people, which is not one of his tasks, but he looked at them with pity and pain and moved their cause

The governor of Aden continued when he visited the military sit-in camp and committed to them to pay a month's salary from the governorate's revenues and promised to force the government to pay a second salary to them, and he managed to do so despite all the circumstances and obstacles.

Aden's electricity was the first dilemma before Lamlas, and since his appointment, he provided all means of support, and in many times he was buying fuel when the government disavowed that, and he still performs this task all the time to alleviate the suffering of citizens in the capital.

Speaking of electricity, Lamlas issued a decision appointing Salem Al-Walidi as director of the governorate's electricity, following calls to change its former manager, Mujib Al-Shaabi, as a result of the failure and corruption.

This change brought about a qualitative leap in the management of electricity in a short period of time, Al-Walidi was able to rescue the institution from its catastrophic situation and made great achievements, perhaps the most important of which was covering the deficit in power generators, so that the only problem became the fuel problem.

Electricity improved under Al-Walidi’s leadership, and with the arrival of the Saudi grant with fuel, and the man managed the establishment ably and with integrity and work, which you rarely find among the officials in recent years, but the war waged by parties in the legitimacy on Aden and the neglect of electricity is one of the ways of this war remains the biggest obstacle for Al-Walidi.

At the level of the districts, after his appointment as governor, Lamlas changed all the directorates of the districts with young and competent personalities, and many of them succeeded in re-establishing the presence of the state and its projects despite all the circumstances and challenges.

open roads

 Since the city was liberated from the Houthi militia, its roads and streets remained closed due to the unstable security situation after the war, until the governor Lamlas came and issued a decision to open them and personally supervised the opening of these roads.

A campaign was launched months ago to open closed roads with concrete barriers, and this step led to the movement of many road projects throughout the governorate, and work is still in progress in some districts to this day.

The city witnessed an improvement in the aesthetic appearance and launched campaigns of cleaning and afforestation of the streets, tours and gardens, and it appeared in a better appearance than it was in the past years.

The city witnessed security work following the appointment of the governor and under his personal supervision, as a campaign to number unnumbered cars and a campaign to prevent the carrying of weapons in the city was launched.  

These campaigns have achieved great success, according to everyone's testimony, and are still ongoing. 

The governor has also been able to reactivate the traffic system more than it was in the past.

The local authority in the province provided great support to service institutions with mechanisms and equipment to serve the people of the province.

The authority of the Governor of Lamlas managed to attract investments in the governorate, perhaps the most prominent of which was the opening of the Crown  Tourist Resort, which achieved great success and popularity among citizens and those coming from abroad and other governorates.  

Lamlas also inaugurated the "Bin Mahdi" gas factory in Bir Ahmed, which produces more than 18,000 gas cylinders per day and greatly alleviated the gas crisis in the city.

The governor in Aden needs a lot of support and assistance, and he is able to make a qualitative leap for the governorate, but he is facing the gang of Hadi, al-Ahmar and Maeen, which does not want the best for the city or the liberated governorates and is interested in keeping the situation as tragic and that the war will continue for many years to continue looting the country’s money.