Despite the Houthi escalation, Oman is "optimistic" that the wall of the Yemeni crisis will be breached

English - الثلاثاء 14 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 04:45 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Omani Foreign Minister, Badr bin Hamad al-Busaidi, seemed optimistic about a breakthrough in the Yemeni crisis and pushing the parties to the conflict toward the political track, despite the significant military escalation by the Houthi militia, which reached the point of targeting the civilian port of Mocha (western Yemen) with ballistic missiles and booby-trapped drones. 

The Omani minister said, in a statement to Al-Arabiya, that "there are encouraging signs, albeit insufficient, to make a breakthrough in the complex Yemeni crisis and push the parties to the conflict towards the political path, after almost everyone reached a strong conviction that military solutions are not feasible."

He expressed optimism for an imminent resumption of political negotiations in Yemen in order to stop the debilitating war that Yemenis have been burning for seven years.

Al-Busaidi said, "We are close to convincing the parties to the conflict in Yemen to engage in serious and comprehensive political consultations to end a black era of destruction and killing in the country's history."

He referred to his country's efforts to bring views closer and help resolve the crisis and establish stability in Yemen, which represents a strategic depth for all Gulf states.

He stressed that the Sultanate of Oman's internal policy is a reflection of its foreign policy, which is based on the principle of coexistence, peace, good neighborliness and resolving crises and issues through peaceful means.

The Omani minister also pointed out that there is continuous, good and positive coordination, as he described it, with the US and UN envoys to Yemen.

He said that "there is a congruence of views on what should be done, and this matter will undoubtedly constitute a factor in resolving the crisis."

The optimistic statements of the Omani foreign minister come a few days after the militia leader, Abdulmalik al-Houthi, vowed to control all of Yemen, and amid the escalation of battles in the eastern province of Marib, as well as the air attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Al-Houthi said in a televised speech broadcast on Al-Masirah channel, the group's mouthpiece: "We will liberate all of our country and restore all areas occupied by the coalition of aggression," referring to the liberated Yemeni areas.

He added: "We have made our choice, and we have made our decision with insight. We will liberate all of our country and restore all areas occupied by the coalition, and we will guarantee our country to be free and independent, not subject to occupation or tutelage."

Last August, the United Nations confirmed the Houthi militia's refusal to engage in peace talks and set conditions, including lifting restrictions on airports and ports, and ending the Arab coalition's intervention and presence in Yemen, warning of the consequences of this and its impact on the crisis in Yemen.

The Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations for the Middle East, Talib Khiari, said that no progress has been made regarding the points raised by the United Nations to reach peace in Yemen.

The UN official added that the Houthis are imposing conditions for their participation in the political process, including opening ports and airports and ending what they call "aggression", before resuming their participation in the peace process.