Shabwani crowds reveal the fragility of the Brotherhood despite the arrests

English - الأربعاء 15 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 06:25 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

 Thousands of Shabwa crowds flocked today, Wednesday, from various districts of Shabwa Governorate, stifling the militias of the Brotherhood's authority.

Local sources confirmed that the citizens of the district of Hatib gathered to participate in the activism rejecting the arbitrary practices of the Brotherhood, while a mass march also toured the Huda area of the Habban district, calling for the departure of the terrorist Brotherhood militias from the governorate and the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

These peaceful Shabwani crowds revealed the fragility of the Brotherhood militia, as they rushed to launch a large campaign of arrests, as they began firing live bullets at protesters in Mayfa’a district, while all shops in the capital, Ataq, were closed and trying to prevent the establishment of the event demanding the implementation of the Riyadh Agreement.

Dozens of people were arrested, including Nasser Saleh Al-Touma Al-Qumaishi, a member of the local leadership of the Transitional Council in Shabwa Governorate

And Saree’ Habtoor in Al-Rawda District, Director of Shamsan High School in Asilan District, Mr. Salem Abdullah Al-Jakhaf, Muhammad Abdullah Abdul-Rahim Abdul-Manea, and Muhammad Omar Hafza Abdul-Manea in the public street in Gol Al-Raydah city in Mayfa’a district.

Sources confirmed that the Brotherhood's militia fired live bullets at the demonstrators in Mayfa'a districts, Upper Baqadir, and stormed a girls' school in the city of Radhum.

 Southerners had launched the hashtag (# Shabwa_Rebels_Against_Occupation), after leaders of the Transitional Council in the governorate and military, political and civil figures called for active participation in the demonstrations to show the reality of the tragic situation of the governorate, contrary to what the Brotherhood media is trying to show to the world and mislead the Yemeni street about the alleged development that does not  The Shabwani citizen finds it only in the Brotherhood’s channels, newspapers and websites, in support of the uprising of the Ahrar of Shabwa against the Brotherhood’s occupation and the practices of the Islah party militia against the people of Shabwa.

Activist Fahd Al-Khulaifi said repeatedly that Shabwa is the chapter and the fork of the balance of the south, and it will say its word and will not tweet outside the southern flock.

For his part, activist Ali Al-Aslami tweeted that Al-Houthi controls the first area in Shabwa governorate this morning, "Al-Nahr", Bayan District.

Fahd Al-Awlaki stressed that Shabwa is southern and will not tweet outside the southern flock, and will not kneel to anyone but God.

In parallel, Sheikh Salem Al-Khulaifi said: "The free men of Shabwa, your departure today to denounce the rule of the gangs and mafias of the Brotherhood's party and their invading militias, is a strong and clear message to the Arab coalition and the international community that the free men of Shabwa will not accept that Shabwa become the alternative homeland for the war merchants and their invading militias, no matter what the cost."