Al-Houthi uses “cooking gas” to confine the residents of Sanaa and force them to pay royalties

English - السبت 18 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 09:34 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

The Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, launched a new campaign of royalties on citizens and merchants in Sanaa, which is under its control, in conjunction with a security campaign to collect intelligence information on the residents.

Local residents in Sanaa told NewsYemen that the Houthi militia distributed - through residential neighborhood officials - envelopes to all homes in Sanaa to collect financial donations in the name of the September 21 convoy (the day it overthrew state institutions and took control of Sanaa by force of arms).

Neighborhood officials (Aqal al-Harat) write the name of each citizen on the envelope, send it to his home or residence, and demand that he pay a sum of money to support the convoy, while contingent upon citizens’ access to domestic gas cylinders with a financial donation to the militia.

The Houthi militia preceded its arrangements to celebrate the anniversary of the September 21, 2014 catastrophe by creating a stifling domestic gas crisis in Sana’a, and later stipulated that the residents pay royalties for what it called the “September 21 memorial convoy” in exchange for their home cooking gas cylinders.

intelligence security operation

In conjunction with the financial levies campaign, the Houthi militia began a parallel campaign to collect detailed information and data on all residents of Sanaa.

A lively sane person in Sanaa told NewsYemen that the militia leaders obliged Aqal Al-Harat to prepare lists that include integrated information about the population in each neighborhood within the Sana’a districts separately, and submit them to the Gas Committee, Mobilization Committee and the Security Committee at the level of the districts.

In addition to the names, qualifications, and phone numbers of heads of families, the militia requests details of their areas of birth, details of the dwellings in which they live, their cars and possessions, and the type of weapons in their possession.

The Houthis invoke the distribution of cooking gas rations, to implement the security campaign through neighborhood officials, to enumerate residents and homes in Sanaa, where the militia was previously satisfied with asking the heads of families about the number of individuals to decide whether to give them one gas cylinder per month or two, unlike the current campaign, which includes collecting all  Data on the male and female population, indicating their birth regions or governorates, indicating whether they live in a owned or rented house.

A security source told NewsYemen that the Houthis are seeking, through this campaign, to use security and military information, whether in operations to monitor citizens, or in mobilizing fighters to their ranks, in addition to compulsory recruitment operations.