Mocha is the stronghold of the free.. Will September return from there?

English - السبت 18 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 10:35 ص
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The Houthi militia, Iran's arm in Yemen, fears the formation of any republican forces capable of confronting it at any moment, whether military or political, and it is working to thwart this by all means.

With all political horizons blocked and heading towards a wide escalation in Marib, Hodeidah and Al-Dhale’e, and the killing of more than 40 soldiers at the Al-Anad base, you are fully aware that Mocha is the most important republican stronghold;  It just lacks more support and backing from the coalition and legitimacy.

By the consensus of observers, the Stockholm Agreement died a few days after its birth, and with it the dreams of many who were victims of mines and mortar shells, the last of whom were 17 citizens who were exposed to a landmine explosion in their car, including two women and 10 children.

Not to mention the recent heinous crime, which was condemned by the military spokesman for the Republic’s Guards, which targeted the recently opened Mina of Mocha and severely damaged civilian offices and food stores with more than 5 ballistic missiles and drones.

Hundreds of citizens of the Mocha district organized a protest march in which they raised banners rejecting the crime committed by the terrorist Houthi militia.

dead ends

With the arrival of the new UN envoy, Hans Grundberg, the Yemenis and the anti-Iranian force in Yemen will have to wait again and watch the Houthis kill civilians.

This will be done with the complicity of the legitimacy and the negligence of the Brotherhood leaders, who celebrate putting a traffic light on a street in the city of Marib, which is in danger of falling, as well as celebrating the 31st anniversary of the founding of the same leadership that abandoned many political papers.

Yesterday, the district of (Nati, Al-Numan and Al-Zahir) fell in Al-Bayda governorate, and the Houthi took control of the whole of Rahba, and he is heading to control the fifth district, which is Baihan, after he took control of a large mountain range familiar with it.

In Al-Bayda, Iran's arm has also completed its control of the "Al-Soma" district during the past two days, and every time the Brotherhood's army withdraws, it leaves behind a huge arsenal of weapons and heavy equipment for the Houthis.

Alternative solutions

The parties wishing to achieve peace face a decisive military battle in which they can isolate the militia from its adherence to the citizen and remove part of the injustice that is inflicted on the people on a daily basis, especially in the Hodeidah governorate.

It is an open option through which legitimacy can give a green light to the active forces on the fronts and provide sufficient support to create a gap in the wall of negotiations and military battles together.

Ibn Mubarak is a soft language

Coinciding with the intensification of attacks by Al-Houthi on the Yemeni interior and Saudi Arabia, a soft language appeared by the Yemeni Foreign Minister Bin Mubarak and Saudi parties, despite their full conviction of Al-Houthi's intransigence and his lack of desire for peace.

Ben Mubarak's moves in the international corridors between Europe and America come in the eyes of observers on a futile path, given that restoring the state requires military deterrence to reach political pressure and sit at a single dialogue table that has its reference.