Yemen is shrouded in blackness.. Intellectuals: The Houthis’ accusation of the 9 martyrs joins them in the path of Lakiya and Al-Thalaya .

English - الاثنين 20 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 11:59 ص
Sana'a, NewsYemen, private:

Tens of thousands of abductees are hidden in the cells of the Iranian arm's militia, facing various kinds of torture. Thousands of them died due to torture and secret executions, and the rest are waiting.

But the liquidation of the kidnapped in a public square on the well-known malicious Houthi charges was not very common.

The crime of liquidating the sons of Tihama yesterday in Tahrir Square in Sana'a and then dancing on their corpses reminded me of the execution crimes that were carried out by the terrorist Imamate against Yemenis...and similar to yesterday night.

"NewsYemen" monitored a number of opinions about this horrific terrorist crime.

National Certificate

Journalist and writer Nabil Al-Sufi wrote: The Tihama martyrs on the pretext of the destruction of Al-Sammad:

Death was distributed by Al-Houthi to everyone on charges and without, but as long as these people were killed with such a charge, it is a national testimony that joins them in the path of Lakiya and Al-Thalaya.

Writer and journalist Nayef Hassan said, commenting on the crime: Al-Houthi is the enemy of the Yemenis before and after everything.  There is no dignity for Yemenis and Houthis and their militias in existence.

In addition, the writer Sami Noman said: The thief and the criminal Abdul-Malik al-Houthi refuses except to be the despicable hired killer.

He added: Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, with his despicable racism and gang, is the one who killed al-Sammad in the manner of his masters in Tehran, not the nine innocent Tuhami, including a child.

He continued: He is nothing more than a mercenary slave who sells his honor, honor and dignity to his masters in Tehran, stressing: I was aware that exaggerating a slave's plea for forgiveness for his crime was encouraging him to more insistence on committing the crime.

Noman said: The sectarian Houthi movement will rise, collapse and melt with the blood of those weak people whom Muhammad Ali al-Houthi carried the consequences of the crime he planned.

He concluded his speech by saying: Humiliate His Holiness with your curses, and it is time for you to triumph over your honor, your honor, your life and the future of your children.

Dynastic revenge on the descendants of the Zaranik

For his part, Dr. Farouk Thabet stressed that what happened from the liquidation of the Tihama sons by the militia is an extension of the sectarian racist terrorist approach against the Yemenis, and it is revenge against the Tuhami Zaranik, the grandchildren of the grandparents who inflicted calamities on the Imamate.

He added: I shed my tears for the martyrs as they have never been shed before. The child's gaze killed me, and he is a portable handicap.

Concluding: This terrorism will not pass, and sooner or later the people will take revenge on the Houthis by their own hands.

The crimes of the Imamate will revert to it

Journalist and writer Fathi Abu Al-Nasr said: A tear was a "stone", and the Yemeni nation was shining in his eyes. As for the trembling, it was a rush in the misery of a dream that frightened his executioners.

He stressed that the crimes of the Imamate will one day revert to them.. At that time, do not listen to the rumors of activists and politicians of promiscuity.

Dr. Faisal Ali confirmed that what happened was an extrajudicial execution carried out by the Houthi gang in the Tihama youth, and the silence applied by the United Nations and organizations.. The residents of the city will applaud or remain silent as usual.. Tihama is bleeding and all of Yemen is sad.

Maen Dammaj sadly recalled what happened: the crime of extrajudicial execution carried out by the Houthi movement against those accused of participating in the assassination of al-Sammad, it is not possible, according to all the circumstances, but that they are innocent.

And he said, the crime passed without us seeing any move by the international community and the alleged human rights organizations - it would not be surprising even for Kamal al-Jandoubi to say in his next report that he has no evidence that the Houthis are behind the execution!!  He also said in the matter of the bombing of Aden airport.

He stressed that the victims - if they had actually participated in the assassination of Al-Sammad, they would have been heroes walking to death with their heads held high - were carefully selected to express the Houthi vision and identity of the perceived hierarchy of people in Yemen.

He explained that Tihama at the end of this backward racist arrangement... and the limited victims selected to cover up the struggles of the movement's wings and sell them to some of them... came to her belief that this would ensure that the crime would take place without any reaction... But the time of reckoning will come!!!

A black, sad torrent filled with letters and bloody feelings covered the social networking pages, and we could not convey everything that was written, and we were content with a little bit here. Everyone agreed that the end time was approaching, and the militia wrote that in its hand since Yemeni blood was spilled for its bloody, sectarian, racist, and malicious project.