Citizens: They comment on Saturday's Houthi massacre as racial hatred and subordination to Iran

English - الاثنين 20 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 05:33 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen, a special survey:

 The scene of the execution by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, of nine of the sons of Tihama for allegedly participating in the killing of the Houthi leader, Saleh Al-Sammad, head of the so-called Political Council, who was killed in an air strike by coalition aircraft on April 19, 2018 in Al-Hodeidah Governorate, was not an ordinary scene.  

A scene that embodies Yemen's return to the eras of injustice, oppression, tyranny, murder and bloodshed practiced by the Imamate regimes that successively ruled Yemen, the last of which was the priestly ruling system of the Hamid al-Din family.

In Sana’a, an atmosphere of sadness, pain, oppression and injustice prevailed, which people hide in their minds and hearts, as was the case of their grandfathers and fathers who lived through the era of the Imamate rule and the similar executions it carried out against its opponents and opponents.

NewsYemen tried to survey the reactions of a sample of the society’s residents in Sana’a after the Houthi militia committed the (Black Saturday) massacre, as there was a consensus that the massacre (the crime) is only a link in the chain of injustice and tyranny practiced by the militias for many purposes, most notably terrorizing and intimidating people.

Imamate oppression and racial hatred

 Mahmoud, a twenty-year-old student from the Raymah governorate studying at Sana’a University, commented to NewsYemen on the scene of the execution crime by saying: Like others, I witnessed the massacre of execution committed by the Houthi militia against nine people from Tihama in a way that reveals that these militias carry a criminal ideology, and a method  Authoritarian, inherited methods of repression, and abhorrent racism.

He adds: The nine heroes who were executed revealed how the Houthi militia deliberately chose a time linked to the era of the Imamate, which is the date of the death of Imam Ahmed as a result of being shot in Hodeidah Hospital by Lakiya and Al-Olafi, which confirms that these militias, in addition to their revenge ideology, practice racism against the people of Tihama, whom the militia sees only as a mob who must be at its service, and whoever opposes them is nothing but a (mosquito) who must be killed - as described by one of the militia leaders who was close to Al-Sammad, who is Ahmed Al-Razhi.

And he concludes: The scene of the execution of the nine heroes reminds us of what the previous imams did when they executed revolutionaries and free heroes, but those executions were nothing but a spark that ignited the revolution and uprooted the priestly Imamate system, which is what will happen again against these militias, no matter how great the sacrifices or how long the time.

Executions of militias began against Jews and Salafis

 Saleh Abu Asim, a citizen of Sanaa governorate, told NewsYemen: The mass execution carried out by the Houthi militia against ninel people from Tihama with flimsy justifications, including the video that spread on social media as evidence of the involvement of these heroes in the process of killing Al-Sammad is not new to these militias.  

It has previously carried out public and secret executions against many of its opponents and opponents, and even against some of those close to it or loyal to it, whom it no longer needs.

Abu Assem added: Since the coup of these militias in 2014 l, and even before them, specifically since 2011, they have been practicing killings and executions against Yemeni citizens in various ways. They launched the process of killing, forcible displacement and killing of members of the Jewish community from some areas of Saada and Amran, then killing and forcible displacement of Salafis from the Dammaj area, and the subsequent killing of members of the armed and security forces and citizens during their military operations, which began with the overthrow of Saada, leading to the overthrow of Sana’a and its coup on September 21, 2014, on the authority and control of state institutions.

He concluded: Today, these militias practice one of the methods that they are good at, which is mass executions that aim to terrorize and intimidate people and silence any opposition to them in their areas of control, but these methods, no matter how extensive their crimes are, they make introductions to popular and revolutionary positions against them, and if they do not appear now, but they will undoubtedly appear one day.  

Saturday's massacre... Implementation of Iranian agendas and methods

 As for Abdullah Marsh, who is from Taiz and works in Sana’a, he considered the mass executions of nine of the sons of Tihama by the Houthi militias as new evidence and proof added to the list of evidence of the subordination and employment of these militias to Iran in doctrine, thought, policy, orientation and practice.

Marsh told NewsYemen: The scene of the mass execution, which followed a tweet by the leader of the militias, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, in which he called for the swift execution of the nine people, in public, and in the presence of an intense presence of the militia leaders who were keen to show their joy and dance over the dead bodies, and the subsequent media campaign of the militias that seeks to prove the victims' conviction and hide  The facts about the torture they were subjected to, and the secrets of what was said to be a secret trial for them, as well as the view of one of the victims as a child, all reflect the Iranian culture practiced by the Khomeini regime and its revolution against their opponents.

Marsh concluded by saying: We all remember the method and method of executing the martyr President Saddam Hussein in this barbaric manner, which is similar to the crime and massacre of the Houthi militias, Iran’s arm in Yemen, with the execution of the nine heroes of the Tihama sons, which is enough for all Yemenis to comprehend that  These militias strictly implement Iran’s agendas and goals and practice the same policies that Iran’s mullahs’ regime practices against any opponent or opponent, and this policy is based on the excessive practice of terrorism to frighten people, but in the end it will only be grievances that ignite the fire of hatred, anger and revolution in the hearts of people who will wait for the nearest opportunity  To revolt against these militias.

The price of the massacre should be the cancellation of the Stockholm Agreement.)

 For his part, Khaled Al-Tihami, a resident of Al-Hodeidah Governorate, believes that the Black Saturday massacre, which was carried out by the Houthi militia against nine of the heroes of the Tihama, is nothing but a crime in the lonely crime record of these militias committed against the Yemeni people since its coup seven years ago, and even before that when it was a rebellion that kills the sons of the armed forces and attacks state institutions.

Khaled adds to NewsYemen: I am not surprised by what the Houthi militias practice in general and the crime of mass execution of nine of the sons of Tihama in particular.  

Consequently, all their practices are linked to a hateful racist and sectarian ideology and culture, but I, on the other hand, am surprised by the position of the legitimate government and the presidency, which deals with militia crimes with shameful attitudes.

And he continues: It is true that the government of legitimacy considered that the crime of execution represented an abolition of the Sweden agreement, which halted the completion of the process of liberating Hodeidah, but will the legitimacy be at the level of the words in which its statement was written, or is this statement nothing but a media and political consumption only?

And if I asked any citizen, whether from the sons of Hodeidah or from others, what is the duty that the legitimate government is supposed to do after the massacre of the Houthi execution of nine of the sons of Tihama, his answer would have been simply (cancellation of the Stockholm Agreement) and complete the liberation of Hodeidah .. But will anybody listen ?