The STC is preparing to confront Al-Houthi..Hadi, the obedient Brotherhood soldier, is plotting again against the south

English - الخميس 23 سبتمبر 2021 الساعة 10:04 ص
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Southerners pay the price for Hadi’s presence in the presidency. Since his inauguration, the south has witnessed three wars, the beginning of which was against the Houthi militia, which invaded the southern governorates after its coup against state institutions in 2015.

Three wars destroyed the south during the era of Genoese President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who came according to the Gulf initiative, to succeed the late President Ali Abdullah Saleh after the events of 2011.

The south was subjected to the Houthi invasion in 2015, due to Hadi’s corruption and the Brotherhood’s organization. Then, under the cover of Hadi’s legitimacy, the Muslim Brotherhood launched a war on the south in 2019. Today, the Houthi returns from the Shabwa gate, as a result of the failure of the forces affiliated with Hadi’s legitimacy.

Hadi and the Brotherhood drove the Houthi group from the mountains and caves of Saada to the heart of the capital, Aden, and the southern governorates. The Houthis would not have had all this military power had it not been for his control of the state’s camps with the cooperation of the state leadership, who was then Hadi at the top of its pyramid.

The southerners succeeded in overthrowing the Houthis from the south, with the support and backing of the Arab coalition, which announced its intervention in the capital of Al-Hazm against the Houthi coup and in support of Yemeni legitimacy. The victories continued against the Houthi militias on all fronts during the first months of the Arab intervention.

The Brotherhood insisted on returning to the political and military scene despite their defeat in front of the Houthi militias in the Yemeni governorates. Hadi gave them their loyal soldier legitimacy, including his decision. The military results were counterproductive, in favor of the Houthi militia.

Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar, whom Hadi brought back to the scene by appointing him as his deputy and responsible for the battle to liberate the north.  Baihan in Shabwa Governorate, kilometers from the center of Ma'rib Governorate.

Hadi is part of the Houthi Brotherhood war. His silence about the Brotherhood’s movements in the name of legitimacy, whether political or military, and the Brotherhood’s handing over of the Brotherhood to the camps and fronts to the Houthis, puts him in the dock as the primary responsible for these wars targeting the south and the Transitional Council.

The position of the south of Hadi's failure, the betrayal of the Brotherhood and the progress of the Houthis?

The south faced Houthi brigades and weapons, with personal weapons, during the invasion in 2015 AD after Hadi fled abroad without providing military support to the southern resistance from the camps that were heavily armed with various types of weapons and went to the Houthis with ease.

With personal weapons and the support of the Emirati forces, the southern resistance was able to defeat Iran's project from the south and from the western coast to Taiz and Hodeidah. Today, the south has trained military forces with high capabilities that can manage battles for years and achieve victories.

The Southern Transitional Council, the People's Commissar and the main bearer of the southern cause, raised the degree of combat readiness after the fall of Bayhan in Shabwa and the Houthi advance to the outskirts of Lawdar in Abyan.

The Southern Transitional Council called on its forces to raise combat readiness in all cities of the south, and to mobilize general mobilization to confront the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia.

The official in the transitional, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, said that the Houthi will not enjoy one square meter of the land of the south, explaining that there is no incubator for him, even if the Brotherhood conspired with him, as is currently happening.

Ibn Farid al-Awlaki stressed that those who follow the illusion of the federal state from the sons of Shabwa and Abyan al-Abya will realize the reality of the conspiracy against the south, today, and will unite with the people of the south to confront this fateful threat.

Ibn Farid said that there are decisive transformations and developments in the next stage that will completely change the equation.

In addition, the southern leader, Yahya Ghaleb Al-Shuaibi, said that the Transitional Council, led by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, is managing the crisis efficiently and competently, and facing major challenges with confidence and conviction to prepare to address them.

And he stressed, in a tweet to him on Twitter, that the scenario of getting rid of the transitional is a conspiracy that Al-Zubaidi failed in its infancy, with general mobilization and decisions of the historical moment, stressing that these crises and challenges were not surprising to the transitional, but rather expected and worse than it is expected.

The head of the British Center for Middle East Research, Amjad Taha, confirmed that there are international and Arab contacts that support the Southern Transitional Council, to confront the Houthi and Brotherhood projects in the south.

Taha said, in a tweet to him on Twitter, that the betrayal of the Brotherhood was exposed in Yemen, and they are in a state of panic, adding that Arab and international contacts in support of the south, which is fighting against the terrorism of Al-Houthi and the Brotherhood, continue and continue.

Taha indicated that the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Aden is ready for the next stage in the face of the Houthi-Brotherhood threat with Arab and international support.