Muhammad Al-Houthi .. From "qat seller " to "Dean", then the owner of space science seminars, but from a distance!

English - السبت 09 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 04:29 م
Sana'a, NewsYemen:

he pioneers of the Internet mocked a seminar held by Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, who, after the Iranian-backed Houthi coup, transformed from a "debilitating" qat seller to a brigadier, about space sciences in Sana'a.

Journalist Fikri Qassem commented sarcastically, what he meant is that space means that one is empty.

And the singer Farouk Al-Maqtari, the first black market to sell gas, oil and diesel on Mars, said, God willing.

As for journalist Farouk Thabet, he commented: How are space sciences and remote sensing?  He meant the sciences of (Barqan) and spit from a distance.

Muhammad Al-Qahtani said, “It is possible to teach them over the stove of sorcery, the right of Jeddah.”

One of them commented: “Muhammad Ali Einstein is living the role, right. Yes, he is an astronaut.”

Activist Ibrahim Asqeen deplored the Houthi jump to interest in space science at a time when the population in areas under Houthi control did not receive the most basic services:

“After they have provided the Yemenis with all the services they are heading to the vast space to provide services to the inhabitants of the other planets in the solar system belonging to the Milky Way with all their merit and power..”