Historic torrents .. and warnings to the people to stay away after the possibility of the collapse of "Bates"

English - الأحد 10 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 09:59 ص
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Local sources reported that the torrents flowed into Wadi Bana, Hassan and Ahwar in the Abyan Delta, bringing the water level to 6 meters for the first time.

It confirmed that the level of the Bates and Hassan dam basin has risen to its highest levels, and the torrential flow is still continuing until the moment of writing the news.

Social media pioneers warned of the huge amount of floods in Abyan governorate, calling on local authorities to follow up on the technical condition of the Bates Dam.

Politician Fahd Al-Dhib Al-Khulaifi said in a tweet that the torrents are historical and the water level rises significantly, which may cause disaster to the surrounding villages located in the valley.

It is noteworthy that the effects of Hurricane Shaheen caused heavy rains that led to torrential torrents in the governorates of Yemen after the cyclone hit the State of Oman.

The Irrigation Department in Abyan Governorate warned citizens and residents along the valleys to take precautions and stay away from places of torrential flow.