Marib.. Al-Houthi attacks Al-Mujahid and prevents medicines from slavery and legitimacy is watching

English - الأحد 10 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 04:57 م
Marib, NewsYemen, Private:

While the Ministry of Defense said that its army had killed 16 Houthis on the Al-Mashjah and Al-Kasara fronts, west of Marib, military sources told NewsYemen that joint units of the army and tribes managed, during the early hours of Sunday, to confront and break several Houthi formations on the Al-Hajla and Kherfan fronts in the Abdiya district, south of Marib.

 According to the sources, intensive attacks launched by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, on sites in the besieged Abdiya for the 18th day.

The attacks resulted in dozens of militia dead and wounded, while five tribesmen were martyred and others were wounded in the clashes that erupted at dawn today and continue until Sunday noon.

Meanwhile, the Houthi militia prevented medicines from entering the Abdiya Hospital for the third day in a row, coinciding with intense attacks on all the fighting fronts surrounding the district.

The Media Center of the Armed Forces said that the army forces, backed by tribes, managed, on Saturday, to break an attack by groups of the Iranian Houthi militia on the Al-Mushajah and Al-Kasara fronts, in the west of the province.

 She explained that groups affiliated with the Houthi militia tried to infiltrate some military sites on the fronts of Al-Mushajah and Hailan, but they were unsuccessful.

According to the center, the army’s artillery targeted a number of militia positions, while the coalition fighters launched several air raids on separate locations in al-Kasara and Hailan, targeting gatherings and reinforcements of Iranian militias.