Buhaibeh: Hadi is an umbrella for all corruption and failure, and his belief in the conspiracy theory has eroded his legitimacy

English - الاثنين 18 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 09:46 ص
Aden, NewsYemen:

Yemeni writer Abdel Wahab Buhaibah said that Hadi is the umbrella for all mess, corruption and failure, and his belief in conspiracy theory made his legitimacy eroding day by day.

This came in a series of tweets he posted on his official Twitter page, saying that Hadi is the umbrella for all this absurdity, corruption and failure. The weight of his movement and his belief in the conspiracy theory, hitting the parties together, handing over the matter to a particular party, and his dependence on failure made his legitimacy eroding day after day.

He added that MP Mohsen and a group of party leaders who do not appear on the scene manage Hadi's political and military decision with understandings brought together by interests.

Buhaibeh stressed that each side turns a blind eye to the corruption and failure of the other, as they have been hostile to any party outside this system, and what is happening today as a result of this administration.

He pointed out that legitimacy was built on malice, and today we need to be frank, and to correct the path to serve the cause, this malice must be eradicated.

And the Yemeni writer continued, that the lamenting leaders lied about Socotra and the south are themselves the cause of the strategic imbalance in the legitimacy system. Under their management, a strategic imbalance occurred in Al-Jawf, Nihm, Al-Bayda, Ain, Usaylan, Harib and Al-Abdiyyah.

He concluded by saying: We are not talking about legitimacy as the bearer of the cause for which we paid blood, but we are talking about people who tampered with sacrifices under its shadow.