Shabwa .. What is happening there and where is it going?!

English - الاثنين 18 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 10:57 ص
NewsYemen, written by / Saleh Ali Al-Dawil:

In the 2015 invasion, the governor of Shabwa was the Brotherhood, the martyr Ahmed Ali Bahaj, and he summoned, may God have mercy on him, all segments of society, and said Shabwa will be invaded and everyone is responsible for it, so the southern resistance rose and the flag of unity was not imposed on it, nor was it imposed on them by northerners who lead them, because the northerners are in the Ataq axis.  And his brigades either received al-Houthi in al-Ta’asir, and the generous among them withdrew to his home. Shabwa was a resistance front in Bayhan, in al-Saleem, in al-Safra, to Markha, then the junction of Upper Egypt, Wadi Sadr, Qarn al-Sawda, and al-Aram, and the qualitative operations carried out by the resistance in Ataq and on the supply routes. The community resistance was inside and outside Ataq, where  All social groups boycotted their presence in Ataq and the markets were almost civil disobedience.

The presence of Bahaj, may God have mercy on him, and the gathering around him at that time confirms that the hostility is not to the southern head of the Brotherhood, who stands at the top of the governorate as long as he does not make the governorate a vessel for his project.

 What changed today?

This question must be answered by the de facto authority of the Brotherhood in Shabwa?!!

Who led Shabwa to this state of disintegration in the face of the Houthi threat?!!

The Brotherhood's de facto governor invited notables from Shabwa to discuss the situation, and most of its notables boycotted the meeting, and the authority's statement confirmed that the notables were committed to defending the governorate... So where are the preparations?!!  nothing..

So the meeting was born dead, but the Brotherhood de facto authority wanted this birth to be to raise the blame only when Shabwa was handed over, then to say that the responsibility of defending Shabwa is everyone's responsibility and that the de facto authority called the spectrum of Shabwa and ... and ... etc. and that everyone was let down and not  We have energy, because the world wants the head of the Brotherhood...etc. of the justifications they will give if Shabwa is handed over.

Shabwa’s failure to surround the de facto authority of the Brotherhood confirms that the hostility is not to the southern head who stands at the top of the governorate, regardless of his affiliation, but to the project that makes the governorate a vessel for him... and this is the difference between the Brotherhood’s de-facto authority and the current Brotherhood de-facto authority.

The STC presented the de facto authority of the Brotherhood and made concessions for the sake of the interest of Shabwa and its defense, but the de facto authority of the Brotherhood of Shabwa refused... Why?

So this is the meaning of the Houthi-Brotherhood agreement in itself. It may need a regional/international mediator, a "maestro" to lead its rhythms, and it may not need, especially when the Brotherhood disperses the internal front in Shabwa, transfers terrorism to the south and invades it, expels the elite, imprisons activists, destroys the martyrs' exhibition and prevents any movement except  According to their stereotype, "I only show you what I see," and they refuse any cooperation except behind them and on their terms to repel the enemy as it roams the homes of Shabwa.

Once again... What is happening in Shabwa... What are its prospects?!

Something mysterious, suspicious and frightening is happening in Shabwa, led by the Brotherhood!!  The de-facto authority does not have its own decision. It fell to Bayhan, and she was the last to know, and despite that, she played the role coldly, withdrawing, scattering, rejecting...etc!!  The evidence confirms the poor military preparations and the poor seriousness of work to strengthen national cohesion in Shabwa, and confirms that it is implementing a Houthi-Brotherhood agreement that the Brotherhood remain in a corner confined to Marib to have some position in the final solution negotiations.  They found de facto forces or authority in the south, and this scenario becomes clear day after day from the reaction of the de-facto authority in Shabwa and its exciting dealings with the course of the invasion events since the Houthis arrived, until they were exposed in the “unjust” and beyond..