Politicians: The Brotherhood's fake battles and betrayal confuse the Arab coalition

English - السبت 23 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 08:43 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

Southerners described the battles of Shabwa, which are claimed by the Brotherhood's Legitimacy Army in Shabwa Governorate, which was announced to liberate the areas handed over to the Houthi terrorist militia, as fake battles similar to the "Al-Bara" dance, warning of a dangerous Houthi Islah scheme being hatched against the province.

Local sources told NewsYemen that Brotherhood forces set up roadblocks on the road leading to the center of Shabwa governorate, and prevented the passage of cars and vehicles, despite the absence of any armed confrontations.

Journalist Yasser Al-Yafei said, in short, their actions expose them, explaining, how one suppresses a peaceful event, shoots a young man with his weapon, the flag of his lost homeland, and besieges villages and bombards them with artillery because they refuse his presence, and at the same time this same killer hands over three directorates to the Houthis without any significant resistance..  Is there a scandal bigger than this scandal?

For his part, the southern leader, Wadah bin Attia, said, after the travelers revealed, yesterday, the play of Ibn Udayw in the fake battles, today they announce the Ataq-Bayhan road as a military operation area where citizens are prohibited from passing through.. The same announcement was made on the Harib-Al-Juba road, and two days later Al-Abdiya fell into the hands of  Al-Houth.

 He pointed out that the Brotherhood of Yemen is conspiring with the Houthis, not only against the STC, for even the real resistance in the north, they conspired against the Salafis in Taiz, Maris, Tariq and the Tuhami in the coast.  

Currently, they are taking revenge on the Murad tribe because of their lack of submission. 

Today, the Naga region fell south of Marib, and Jabal Murad was besieged.

Journalist Saleh Abu Awdal said, in a tweet: "The treachery carried out by the ruler of Shabwa, the Brotherhood, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyio, closes a road that connects and links between Ataq and occupied Bayhan, to prevent any resistance from going out to fight the Houthis who occupy Baihan, Usaylan and Ain."

The political activist, Zaid bin Nafeh, considered that success and failure counted on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, since it is the leader of the Arab coalition and the storm of firmness, and denounced its replacement of resistance men and champions of victories with agents and traitors (the Brotherhood).

He added: "The prestige and value that Saudi Arabia gained in the world was able to be dwarfed and reduced by the Brotherhood, all because of the kingdom's dependence on the Brotherhood."

In a separate context, the Houthi militia intensified its violent attacks on the areas of Al-Juba and Jabal Murad, south of the Marib governorate, after it benefited from its control over the areas west of the adjacent governorate of Shabwa without a fight by brotherhood help.