Beihan's betrayal.. Will the Brotherhood's authority fall in Shabwa?

English - الأحد 24 أكتوبر 2021 الساعة 05:05 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen:

It seems that the Brotherhood's authority is living its last days in Shabwa governorate after its involvement in handing over the three Baihan districts to the Houthi militia without a fight.

And on Saturday, the leader of the Southern Transitional Council, Ahmed Omar bin Farid, said that Shabwa governorate is liberated from the restrictions of the Brotherhood, stressing the fall of all the group’s cards there.

Ibn Farid explained, in a tweet on Twitter, "There is a general popular consensus among all the people of Shabwa governorate that the Brotherhood's authority, which handed over the Houthis 3 districts in one day, is in Bayhan."

Ibn Farid did not rule out repeating what the Brotherhood authority had done in Bayhan (handing over the three districts to the Houthi militia without a fight) in the same way and handing over the rest of the province to the Houthis, stressing that "the people of Shabwa will not wait for that to happen."

He pointed out that the meeting of the Shabwa tribes in the Nisab district is a clear message of warning to the Ataq authority and a warning to the coalition.

 And Ibn Farid said in a second tweet, "All the papers of the Muslim Brotherhood in Shabwa have been scattered, and all their conspiracies have been exposed, in front of everyone."

He stressed that the Brotherhood's inciting rhetoric against the Transitional Council or the United Arab Emirates will no longer have any acceptance or deceive anyone, and here are the free men of Shabwa expressing this with clarity, courage and responsibility.