Legitimacy: The fall of Marib in the hands of the Houthis will be the end of peace

English - الأحد 21 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 11:24 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the legitimate government, Ahmed bin Mubarak, warned of the repercussions of the fall of Marib in the hands of the Houthi militia on the political process and peace in Yemen.

Minister Ibn Mubarak said, in his speech during the "Manama Dialogue 2021", that "Marib is among the priorities of the Iranian regime," adding that "its fall marks the end of peace, the political process and efforts to restore security in Yemen, open waves of external migration and threaten other wars extending to the region."

The Foreign Minister admitted the mistake of stopping the battle to liberate Hodeidah, and said: "In 2018, there was an operation to liberate Hodeidah and we faced opposition international pressure. That is why we went to Stockholm and froze our military operations... But in the past three years, things have gotten worse and this is an advantage for the Houthis after they made sure that it would not  There will be a military operation and they start launching other attacks."

He said, "The main problem that we are facing in the rounds of talks is that the Houthis' ideology is strict. One of the mistakes we have all made is dealing with the Yemen crisis from the humanitarian side only. Yes, there is a humanitarian catastrophe, but we must also talk about the exchange of trust."

He pointed out that the features of the Iranian project have become clear to the eye, explaining that the failure of this project in Yemen leads to its failure in several countries, while its success means more violence and chaos in the region.

 He pointed out that the incidents of the Jihan 1 and Jihan 2 tankers 3 years before the war are evidence of prior Iranian interference, noting that the Houthis reject peace whenever they advance militarily on the ground, and they deal with peace as a tactic within their military operations.

Ibn Mubarak stressed the importance of putting pressure on Iran to stop its activities in Yemen, saying: "We are flexible with all peace initiatives, but Al-Houthi did not come to Geneva recently."