Changing the name and a number of leaders and criminalizing partisanship.. Starting reform of the armed forces

English - الثلاثاء 23 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 04:54 م
Aden, NewsYemen, special:

Yemeni military sources confirmed that the leadership of the Yemeni army, represented by the General Staff headed by Lieutenant-General Saghir bin Aziz, commander of the joint forces, carried out many military arrangements in the ranks of the legitimate forces, in joint coordination with the leadership of the Arab coalition led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The sources told NewsYemen that the most important of these arrangements was "the cancellation of the designation of the National Army", and the forces affiliated with the legitimacy were renamed "Armed Forces", a name that was in the regime of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, which appeared recently in news  Chief of Staff Ben Aziz.

The name “National Army” also disappeared from the news of Yemeni Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh, one of the leaders of the Islah party, the “Brotherhood Organization in Yemen,” in the official media, where the term “heroes” was called in his last news, which was published on Sunday, November 21 in the agency.  Official Saba, on the developments of the situation on the fronts of Taiz and Hodeidah, but the news did not include the name "armed forces".  This indicates a negative attitude from the deputy and the Brotherhood, who fear ending control and influence over the army.

The sources pointed out that the army’s arrangements that took place during the past few months were to stop the salaries of the fictitious names in the army statements affiliated with the Brotherhood, which were in favor of a military leadership affiliated with the Islah party, as well as assigning the leadership of the fronts and battles to the joint Yemeni forces, and the Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant-General Benghazi.  Aziz, and the governor of Marib, Major General Sultan al-Arada, and the leadership of the Saada axis forces, in addition to changing the “army” name to the Yemeni armed forces, instead of the National Army, which was launched according to a purely Brotherhood vision six years ago, since the spring revolutions.

The sources confirmed that coordination with the coalition in this regard led to the rearrangement of the joint operations room, and the room for raising the coordinates of the Arab coalition fighters on the ground, which was subject to elements affiliated with the Islah party, and failed to achieve the main goals of the coalition in Yemen, which is to paralyze the Houthi combat capabilities.

On November 19, the Arab coalition announced the start of a qualitative operation to deal with the sources of the Houthi threat, which indicates that the coordinates that were previously raised from the reform elements are wrong and did not achieve the goals of the coalition, while the new operation of the coalition comes in coordination with the new army command under the supervision of the commission.  The Yemeni staff are directly involved, and they have made great achievements in destroying ballistic missile launchers, Iranian marches, air defense systems, weapons depots and strategic operations rooms led by Iranian and Hezbollah elements.

During the past few days, Chief of Staff bin Aziz was summoned to the headquarters of the coalition in Riyadh, and the tasks of the leadership of the Yemeni forces were assigned during the next stage in coordination with the joint forces and the southern forces, to complete the liberation of Yemen, and he was also assigned to represent Yemen in the meeting with military officials from the states  The United States, Britain, France, Egypt and Pakistan, and represented Yemen in the "Manama Dialogue" strategic conference in its 17th session, held in the Bahraini capital, Manama.

And Yemeni military sources had warned of the betrayals and movements of the Islah party elements that were excluded from the Yemeni military scene, in an attempt to impede the Yemeni armed forces and the joint forces, in completing the liberation of Yemen from the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, and the continued implementation of the agenda of the international Muslim Brotherhood leadership, in countries  Regional and Arab efforts to continue to thwart the efforts of legitimacy and the coalition to restore the state and get rid of the Persian tide in Yemen.

It is noteworthy that the elements of the Islah party in the ranks of the Yemeni legitimacy, have worked during the past years to achieve the agenda and directions of the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey and Qatar, and managed to thwart the efforts of the coalition and the legitimacy to liberate Yemen, especially despite the weapons and air support provided to it, especially on the northern fronts of Yemen, and carried out deliveries  Locations and fronts in Nihm, Al-Jawf, Ma'rib and Al-Bayda.

The Brotherhood’s betrayal of legitimacy and the alliance came by handing over the districts of Bayhan, Usaylan and Ain” in Shabwa without a fight to the Houthis, through the leader in the ranks of the organization, Muhammad bin Udayo, Turkey’s first man in Yemen.  The districts of the south of the governorate revealed the existence of treachery behind the fall of Al-Juba, Al-Abdiyah, Harib, Mahlia and Rahba, indicating that the time is not appropriate to reveal them, in a clear indication of the reform elements that were leading the fronts in those districts.

While the Emirati-trained forces within the framework of the coalition were able to liberate and preserve large areas in southern Yemen, after reducing the role of Islah elements in those areas, while liberated areas and several weapons depots were handed over by Islah to Houthi militia members in Nihm, Al-Jawf, Al-Bayda, Shabwa and several areas in Marib  , before the coalition and legitimacy realize the role of these elements, and work to keep them away from the military scene in favor of Yemeni forces that owe loyalty to God and the homeland.

Islah elements began launching a media campaign to distort the role of Saudi Arabia and the coalition in Yemen through its media, in conjunction with the victories achieved by the joint forces on the fronts of the western coast and western Taiz, and in the vicinity of the city of Marib.