Ibb.. Houthis carry out a campaign claiming to fight America in "Al-Udain"

English - الأربعاء 24 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 04:52 م
Ibb, NewsYemen, private:

The Houthi militia, backed by the Iranian regime, is trying to spread more slogans in light of the failures it has suffered, whether at the level of the battles currently taking place in the border areas between Taiz, Ibb and Hodeidah, or among citizens.

During the past three days, it prompted many of those whom she appointed as daily supervisors, or who turned into sheikhs in suspicious circumstances, to mobilize fighters to confront Israel and America, it said.

In the past two days, painful pictures showed a group of children and youth in the grip of the joint forces, after the Houthi militia forcibly pushed them to the fronts to leave them facing alone.

Special sources told NewsYemen that there are calls to demonstrate in the Al-Udain district on the main street, today, Monday, to denounce what they called the American escalation that rejects the peace process, they said.

The source from the Directorate ridiculed these statements, as he confirmed by saying, Where were the calls for peace when the sons of Tihama, Marib, Al Dhale' and Al Bayda were killed by ballistic missiles and their homes were blown up.

 He pointed out that the aim of the demonstration was to cut off the main street, the only one that connects Udain with the rest of the districts and the city of Ibb, to cause chaos and stop the movement of transport, especially the locomotives that transport goods.

Another goal that the militia seeks, according to him, is to show the children of Al-Adeen that they are all with the Houthi militia, and this is not true, as most of the people of the Directorate are at home or at work, and they have nothing to do with what is going on.

The Iranian arm is trying to mobilize the largest number of citizens from other districts hundreds of kilometers away from the districts of Al-Udain, Al-Siddah, Al-Nadra and the rest of the regions.

There were reports that leaked news that the Houthis are seeking to carry out terrorist incidents in order to draw the attention of the international community and hold the coalition and the joint forces responsible for what will happen.

In addition, reports confirmed that the Houthi militia began looting heavy equipment from the areas it inspected successively, including the Al-Barh area, which local sources confirmed that it had transferred huge electric generators to unknown places.

In light of the acceleration of events and the intensification of battles, many calls were made to the people of Ibb Governorate in general not to be drawn into what the Houthi militia is promoting.

Brigadier General P.S.C. Aref Al-Qaffaz, a leader in the National Resistance, addressed the Guards of the Republic, in an important message he sent to the citizens of the governorate with their various occupations and affiliations, calling on them not to push their children to the fronts and not to rely on a militia that did nothing for 7 years except destruction.