The Muslim Brotherhood gathers fighters from the Houthi areas to Shabwa

English - الأربعاء 24 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 05:03 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, :

Local sources in Shabwa governorate revealed a new scandal for the leader of the Islah party, "the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen," Shabwa Governor Muhammad Saleh bin Adyio, which was represented by mobilizing fighters from the party's elements and sending them to the Usaylan Directorate to fight in the ranks of the Houthi militia.

The sources confirmed that the so-called Bin Adyio, in coordination with Islahi leaders in separate areas of Shabwa and areas under the control of militias, such as Sana’a, Amran, Al Mahwit, Ibb and Taiz, regarding sending fighters from the supporters of the Islah to Shabwa to strengthen the front to defend their interests there.

The sources indicated that armed groups had already arrived and were sent to the Usaylan district, to fight with the Houthis against any movements of resistance and legitimacy in order to restore the district, which was handed over by Bin Adyio, along with the districts of Ain and Bayhan.

The Islah party’s moves, through Governor Bin Adyio, came in conjunction with the Shabwa tribes’ announcement of the start of the move to restore the districts that were handed over to the Houthis, and to implement the terms of the announcement of the expanded meeting of the people of Shabwa of all sects in the “Wata” area of the Nisab district, 8 days ago, where the government was given a week to implement their demands for the dismissal of Governor Ben Adyio and his accountability along with those responsible for handing over the three directorates, and about other corruption cases.

Observers expect that Shabwa will witness battles and operations to liberate and restore the Muslim areas of the Houthis, by tribes that have collapsed in separate areas of the governorate during the past weeks, to recover the land from the Houthi militia and the Islah party, as well as to preserve the governorate’s wealth and eliminate the discrimination and exclusion practiced by the current Brotherhood authority under the leadership of Bin Adyio, who is popularly and socially rejected in the governorate.