The strike of the traditional bakeries of Aden .. A crisis in a series of crises

English - الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 11:50 ص
Aden, NewsYemen, Muhammad Jassar:

After the third rise in flour prices in less than a week, most of the traditional bakeries in the governorate of Aden closed their doors. These bakeries were unable to adapt to the stifling wave of high prices, which made it more difficult to provide citizens with the most important food for them, which is bread of all kinds.

It is impossible to reduce the weight of the roti more than this, and sell it for fifty riyals, not even at the cost.” With this angry voice, the worker in one of the bakeries, Basil Al-Qubati, tells NewsYemen about the roti crisis that swept Aden in the past few days, he says: The price of flour rose in the same week  From 38 thousand to 42 thousand riyals, and then increased its price to 45 thousand per bag of flour, which constitutes a major obstacle in the issue of roti bread and its sale.

On the subject of the strike, he explained to Newsymen Saeed al-Daba’i, a worker in one of the bakeries, that this step came as an objection from the owners of the bakeries, especially after the governorate’s support for Two bakeries in a densely populated area such as Sheikh Othman, and the strike will continue until there are real and radical solutions to this crisis

In this context, Muhammad Hussein, the head of a family of 10 people, complains of the crazy rise in prices, which requires five salaries besides the basic salary to get out of the cycle of poverty, he said.

In the roti crisis, Hussein told NewsYemen: Before the bakery strike, my family and I used to buy roti for one meal for approximately 1500 riyals, but yesterday and today we find no alternative but the light automatic roti, which does not satisfy those accustomed to the traditional roti.

He pointed out that it is necessary for officials to turn to us to put an end to the farce that is occurring as a result of the collapse of the economy, as the deplorable conditions are a real suffering that the citizens of this country suffer every day.