Ibn Adiyo mobilizes militias from Marib to militarily confront the coalition and Shabwa tribes

English - الخميس 25 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 05:37 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

It seems that the Brotherhood’s Muhammad Saleh bin Adiyo will not leave Shabwa governorate, before he breaks its social and tribal fabric and turns it into a regional battlefield, after handing over the Bayhan districts to the Houthis and bringing in military crowds from Marib governorate during the past few days to invade the Balhaf area where the Arab coalition forces and the Shabwan elite are present.  

Observers expected that Governor Ibn Adyo would escalate militarily in Balhaf, after the arrival of military forces from Marib, in order to cover up the scandal of Bayhan's handover to al-Houthi, and to relieve popular pressure on his authority.

The Shabwa tribes, in their last meeting in Al-Wattah, had given the presidency one week to change the local authority, and to investigate those involved in handing over the Bayhan districts to Al-Houthi, and the deadline expired and the presidency did not implement the demands of the people of Shabwa.

Observers considered that the presidency's ignoring of Shabwa's demands indicates an upcoming military escalation, and that the Brotherhood's legitimacy took the decision to confront militarily at the expense of handing over the authority of the governorate peacefully.

The lawyer, Ali Nasser Al-Awlaki, revealed the movements of the Brotherhood near the Balhaf oil facility, under the pretext of the expiry of a deadline set by the Brotherhood authority

Al-Awlaki said in a statement to NewsYemen, that the Brotherhood militias are moving near the Balhaf facility, and it comes after the mission of storming the Al-Alam camp ended, on the pretext that the deadline set by the Brotherhood’s authority had expired, which is three months.

He stressed that the Brotherhood, in recent days, is preparing the equipment to storm the Balhaf oil facility and expel the elite of the Shabwa people from their land under the slogan of national sovereignty.

Al-Awlaki warned against handing over the Balhaf facility to the Brotherhood, adding that it will be handed over to the Houthis, just as they handed over the three Bayhan districts without any confrontations.

The southern lawyer explained that the Brotherhood's Ibn Adyo authority, whose goal is the military escalation on Balhaf, is to win the sympathy of the citizens in Shabwa under the pretext of restarting the facility.

He added that foreign companies are the ones who have the right to franchise the decision to operate or stop the facility, but the Brotherhood, through this campaign, aims to win the sympathy of citizens after handing over the three Bayhan districts to the Houthi militia.

Al-Awlaki added that the Brotherhood is trying to pressure the Arab coalition to keep its interests in Shabwa governorate, explaining that the Ibn Adyio authority uses the Balhaf facility as a political pressure card, as Al-Houthi does with the issue of the Safer tanker.

Al-Awlaki said, in the context of his statement to NewsYemen, that Shabwa is at a dangerous juncture, and is on the cusp of important events and may be the scene of regional conflict.

He indicated that there are steps that the Shabwa tribes will take before the date of November 30, which are among the outcomes of the last Al-Wattat meeting.