The Brotherhood pushes Ibn Adiyo to wage a battle against the people of Shabwa

English - السبت 27 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 08:07 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The Brotherhood and its leaders, who dominate the decision of legitimacy, and the interim President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi, the Brotherhood’s governor of Shabwa, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyio, are pushing for a military confrontation against the sons of Shabwa, in order to preserve his influence in the strategic and oil-rich governorate.

The Brotherhood’s Islah Party took control of Shabwa governorate in August 2019, after a battle against the Shabwa elite, which was established by the Arab coalition to confront terrorist organizations and restore security and stability to the governorate.

Since its fall in the hands of Al-Houthi, Governor Ibn Adiyo has been working hard to stabilize and empower the Brotherhood from the important joints in Shabwa, and turned it into secret prisons and detention centers for opponents and rejecters of Brotherhood projects and to settle his accounts with the tribes of the governorate.

The Brotherhood harnessed the resources of Shabwa, through their student, Ibn Adiyo, in financing side wars, feeding tribal conflicts and media attacks on the Arab coalition, and other anti-Houthi parties, and it was not satisfied with that, as it challenged Marib by handing over the three Bayhan districts to the Houthi militia.

Delivering Bayhan in this shameful way was a painful blow dealt by the authority of Ibn Adiyo to the Shabwa governorate, which prompted many military leaders to break their silence and reveal the reasons, and move in the face of those who conspire against their governorate, and to avoid the fall of the remaining districts in the hands of Al-Houthi.

 Regarding the Shabwa uprising, activist Ali Amir said that the Brotherhood’s authority in Shabwa is just the creation of forces that control legitimacy, and these forces will not respond to Shabwa’s demands unless a military action is taken.

He stressed that the powerful forces in legitimacy are the ones who created the current authority of Ibn Adiyo to secure and guarantee their own interests in Shabwa.

And the political activist said, in a post on Facebook, that Ibn Adiyo came with a republican decision and only a republican decision will remove him, and that popular pressure should target the highest pyramid of legitimacy in legitimacy, not Ibn Adyio and his authority.

He explained that the highest pyramid consists of two groups, and each group has its interests in Shabwa, and the local authority under the leadership of Ibn Adiyo guarantees them.

He stressed, that the Brotherhood governor made Shabwa a free hotbed for the oil mafia, through Mina Qena and a safe route for the Brotherhood's military supply to Shuqra, through the Special Forces militia, and also harnessed the resources of Shabwa in financing side wars, including the Shuqra front, and made the desert oil areas of the governorate an emirate affiliated with Marib.

He concluded, that these interests are the ones who created and established the Shabwa authority, and the pyramid of legitimacy will not respond to the demands of the people of the province soon, unless a screeching sound is heard.