Jahdal distances himself from the Brotherhood's governor and his brigade threatens the tribe.. The division besieges Ibn Adyo

English - الأحد 28 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 04:08 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

Brigadier General Jahdal Hanash, commander of the 21st Brigade and the Al-Safra Front, sent an ambiguous message, while his deputy, Muhammad Sunaid, who participated in Kaab's besieging the "nisab" sit-in rejecting the Brotherhood's governor of Shabwa governorate, Muhammad Salih bin Adyo.

Brigadier General Hanash left for the Egyptian capital Cairo suddenly a few days ago, leaving the Safra Front in Bayhan to face its fate in-front the Houthis.

Jahdal Hanash, in his tweet on Twitter, said, "Building stability is an art that is mastered by whoever carries in his heart space for everyone, and also has an open and enlightened thought in his mind, as well as a free thought that is not controlled by a party."

Jahdal Hanash’s departure from Shabwa and sending such messages at this time and after leading a battle against the elite in the Al-Alam camp, a shift in the performance of the Shabwani military leader after weeks of tribal unity in the governorate against its governor, who no longer enjoys the support of anyone but the Brotherhood and Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.

Sheikh Awad bin Al-Wazir Al-Awlaqi is leading a popular uprising against the local authority, to demand its dismissal. Brigadier General Jahdal Hanash was one of the first military leaders loyal to the authority of Ibn Adyo, who visited the son of Minister Al-Awlaki at his home with a quorum after his return from abroad.

Jahdal distances himself from any military adventure that the Brotherhood might take to blow up the situation in the province in refusal to change the governor and to facilitate the Houthi control of the province's capital.

On the disintegration of the Brotherhood's Ben Adyo authority, the southern journalist Saleh Abu Awdal said, in a statement to NewsYemen, that it is natural to see some military leaders flirting with the anti-Brotherhood parties, especially after they lost their influence after the Brotherhood took control of Shabwa.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Eighth Day newspaper confirmed that after the August 2019 events, the Islah party was singled out for power. Military leaders affiliated with Hadi lost the influence they had enjoyed before the August events, and were subjected to harassment and no longer have any influence or authority in Shabwa.

He pointed out that these leaders preferred to be drawn behind the hostility to the Transitional Council in the hope that they would obtain some privileges, but they were completely stripped of their powers for the benefit of the Brotherhood.

In the context of his statement, he said, it is natural to see these leaders show a kind of restlessness or flirtation with the anti-Brotherhood parties, noting that there are military leaders who have already split from the Brotherhood's authority, in Shabwa.

The southern journalist believes that it is natural for everyone to turn away from the authority of the Brotherhood in Shabwa, because it has practiced exclusion and marginalization against those who contributed to the overthrow of Shabwa for the benefit of the Yemeni organization whose leaders are classified on regional terrorist lists.