The Brotherhood's Media Office in Shabwa celebrates the anniversary of Ben Adyio’s appointment of his fictitious projects

English - الأحد 28 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 08:48 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

In an attempt to relieve the besieged governor of the Muslim Brotherhood in isolation in Shabwa, the Shabwa Governorate Media Office celebrated what it called the third anniversary of the appointment of bin Adyio as governor of Shabwa, and claimed that he completed 488 projects in the governorate during this period.

Local sources told NewsYemen that bin Adyio is going through a state of isolation, and no one from the region's dignitaries has visited him anymore since the Bayhan districts fell into the hands of the Houthis, with the clear complicity of the Brotherhood's Ataq authority.

The people of Shabwa accuse the authority of bin Adiyo of corruption, arrests, and tampering with the governorate’s resources and harnessing them in futile wars, in addition to handing over the three Bayhan districts to the Houthis.

Shabwa is witnessing popular upheaval, rejecting the Brotherhood's domination of the governorate, and a societal movement demanding the dismissal of the governor of Shabwa, which has been burning in rejection of the Brotherhood's project and their corruption in it since they assumed its leadership.

Informed sources said that the Shabwa Governorate authority allocated an amount of 30 million riyals to journalists and media professionals to polish the image of Governor Ibn Adyio and his projects through social media.

projects and importance

 The governor's media is faced with the accumulation of corruption and fictitious projects.

Among the most prominent fake projects is the gas-electricity project, which was announced by the Brotherhood’s governor two years ago, at a cost of nearly $100 million, and until this moment work on it has not started.

And the fall of the Qena port parties, which evaporated due to the differences of the corrupt partners in it.

The Director General of Environmental Protection in Shabwa Governorate, Naif Musaad, has signed more than sixty fake projects.

For his part, journalist and Sami al-Babkri said that the media of the Shabwa authority was able to convince the Yemeni citizen, in Taiz and other governorates, that Shabwa is living its most beautiful times and the golden age, through media materials in which they harnessed all possibilities to target the citizen in Shabwa, however they failed.

He said in his Facebook post, that the Shabwa media failed, and the failure turned into curses and popular anger chasing the authority and its media, adding that improving the face of the failed authority would not be improved by a program on which millions were spent to convince the citizen of his son to go to a school where there are no teachers or to go with his sick wife to a clinic where there is no female doctor.

The southern journalist and writer Saleh Al-Dawil Baras compared the development of Shabwa to the development of Marib, which the Brotherhood continued to promote and then forgot, and everyone watched Muhammad al-Arab, heralding the opening of Marib airport.

Al-Dawil said, in a statement to NewsYemen, that Shabwa is only developed through social media, and there is no project they have prepared except the Al-Naqba Bridge project, and this they implemented for their military need, and even this project they built on Chinese foundations.

He added, that the development of Ibn Adiyo is like someone who borrows at the expense of his family to get rid of his religion.

 In fact, we hear a fanfare of development and do not see or touch development flour. Rather, the ugliest of their justifications is that these projects are debts in the face of the governor, adding that it is difficult to keep up with the Brotherhood in promoting.

Al-Dawil stressed that the Brotherhood's noise about the port of Qena, which has become the property of the influential merchant Al-Essi, is sufficient to expose the Brotherhood.

A human rights activist reveals the violations of Ibn Adyio 

In a series of tweets, human rights defender Saleh Haqrous said that the Brotherhood in Shabwa, during three years, killed the sons of Shabwa, refused to hand over the perpetrators, and launched an attack and war on the tribes of the victims because of the Brotherhood's demand to hand over the perpetrators.

The journalist and human rights advocate stressed that the authority of Ben Adyio has practiced, during three years, an unprecedented corruption, the largest ever, and it did not occur in the history of Shabwa.

Southern human rights defender Haqrous documented the Brotherhood's crimes and violations, and said that in 3 years, more than 860 detainees were arrested and tortured without any reason or charge.

He added that during this period, the Brotherhood militia's violations were very horrific and horrific, and no citizen, doctor, journalist, student, child, elderly, Shabwani elite soldier, opposition, or political activist were spared.

Ibn Adyio’s violations against the Shabwa tribes

The Laqmoush tribe, to which Governor Ibn Adyio belongs, was the first tribe in Shabwa to be subjected to violations, arrests, military campaigns, and militia siege.

In December of the year 2019, the Brotherhood’s militias launched a massive military campaign against Laqmoush, in which various types of medium and heavy weapons were used.

On the ninth of July of last year, the Brotherhood militia attacked the Numan tribes in Mayfa’a district, against the background of the kidnapping of one of the tribe’s youth by the Brotherhood’s militia, and used heavy weapons, and the bombing led to the injury of citizens.

At the end of 2020, the Muslim Brotherhood militia in the governorate, reinforced by forces from Ma’rib, attacked the Al Mansour tribe in the Jardan Plateau, and the attack came as a result of the tribe’s refusal to station the militias on their land.

 In June 2020, the Brotherhood's militias besieged the tribes, and carried out massive arrest campaigns, suppressing a peaceful demonstration, and the matter developed into armed clashes, in which a citizen was killed, and the brother of the commander of the Special Forces was killed in that campaign.

In July 2020, Brotherhood militias clashed with young men from the Al Habtoor tribe in the Rawda area, against the background of the arrest of four young men from the Al Habtoor tribe without legal justification.

The people of Lower Marka had a share of the Brotherhood’s militias’ violations, as it was attacked for their refusal to allow the smuggling of oil derivatives from their lands to the Houthis.

Finally, it was in September 2021, days before the fall of the Bayhan districts in the hands of Al-Houthi, when the Brotherhood’s militias, under the directives of Ibn Adyo, attacked the areas of the Balharith tribes in Usailan, to dislodge those who refused to loot the district’s wealth, with excessive force.