Politicians: The economy in Shabwa can only be reformed by the departure of the empowerment and corruption of the Brotherhood

English - الاثنين 29 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 03:51 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The people of Shabwa governorate affirmed that the corruption of the Brotherhood’s legitimacy has reached an intolerable extent, and that no economic reforms can take place unless the corrupt leave power.

A member of the Transitional Council leadership in Shabwa, Salem Marzuki, tweeted, that Majed Al-Dawil, the brother of the martyr Saeed Al-Dawil, and his friend Salah Marzouk, are languishing in the Brotherhood’s secret prisons for nothing but that they are working in civil society organizations that the Brotherhood considers a monopoly on them, and approaching them is a crime punishable by imprisonment in a secret prison, and he asked: Where are the Brotherhood going with the governorate?

The southern leader, Salem Thabet al-Awlaki, said, neither the slogans of carrots nor the methods of intimidation will achieve the Brotherhood's empowerment of their project in Shabwa. 

Where Shabwa and its people have become a broad title for resisting the Brotherhood and Quranic marches, and all the marches of extremism, exclusion and killing against the people of Shabwa and the south.

Politician Saleh al-Dawil shared a photo in the Nisab area of cadres and military leaders standing by Bin Alwazir (Sultan al-Awaleq), and said that these are senior officers, brigade leaders and military cadres known to the people of Shabwa, and they were dismissed by the Islah party because they do not belong to the party, and they replaced them with teachers and seller who sold and handed over three directorates to the Houthis.

Journalist Anwar Al-Tamimi said that whoever wants to learn about the Brotherhood’s model of governance, let him look at the case of Shabwa:

- Tribal revenge is revived.

-  The exclusion of those who don’t belong to the Islah party.

-  Assassination of political opponents.

-  Roads banditry.

-  Looting wealth and public money.

-  Smuggling.

-  Formation of partisan militias.

-  - Media fraud.

For his part, Al-Shabwani Muhammad bin Rashid said, “We are from Shabwa not from Mars, so we know the extent of development promoted by the Brotherhood’s media with the aim of preserving their party and their positions. The simplest example of this development is the complete lack of domestic gas in the governorate, and Shabwani families today are cooking with firewood

Activist Zaid bin Nafeh said that six villages and residential areas were besieged by Brotherhood forces in Shabwa governorate and prevented the entry of foodstuffs, most notably what the Al-Aram area and its surroundings from the land of Laqmoush were attacked and bombed with tanks and besieged twice, the first was in 2019, and the second was on February 2, 2020.