Ibn Adyo's concessions fail to convince the Shabwa tribes to retract the decision to transfer the sit-in to Ataq

English - الاثنين 29 نوفمبر 2021 الساعة 05:51 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

The Transitional Council in Shabwa Governorate called on its supporters to gather, tomorrow (Tuesday) to celebrate the anniversary of southern independence from British colonialism.  

The call comes in the context of the general escalation witnessed by the governorate to overthrow the governor of the Muslim Brotherhood, who is colluding with the Houthis, Muhammad Saleh bin Adiyo.

Sources told NewsYemen that the governor, who lives in great social isolation, tried to appease tribal parties and invited a number of sheikhs to visit him at his home, but no one responded, while the tribes were preparing to transfer their sit-in from Nisab to the governorate capital.

The governor is making efforts to prevent the sit-in’s transfer, but he does not have any local support, and his support is limited to the Brotherhood’s authority outside the country. 

The Brotherhood’s authority in the governorate made offers, most notably removing the camps from Ataq and appointing security leaders in coordination with Sheikh Ibn al-Wazir and the leadership of the Transitional Council, in exchange for reducing escalation and reversing the decision to transfer the sit-in to Ataq, according to Al-Ayyam newspaper.

Among the most prominent points raised by the mediation, to which the authority of Ibn Adiyo committed itself, is the expulsion of the Brotherhood’s military forces from the oil areas in Al-Uqla, in addition to the exit of the 21st Mica Brigade and the Protection of Facilities Brigade from Ataq to the Safra Front and the Bayhan Desert.

 However, Sheikh Ibn al-Wazir rejected the points raised by the mediation committee and confirmed his continuation with the people of Shabwa until the presidency responds to their demands and implements them.

Those in charge of the tribal and societal sit-in of the people of the province renewed their demands on President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi to quickly appoint an alternative governor to the current governor affiliated with the Islah party, in order to preserve the social fabric of the people of Shabwa.

In a letter they addressed to President Abd Rabbo Masdour Hadi in the name of “the demands of the sons of Shabwa,” the protesters renewed their demands, and in addition to changing the governor, they demanded the speedy restructuring of the security forces established by the Brotherhood authority during its rule, led by the Special Forces, the assimilation of the people of Shabwa in its strength, and the exemption of terrorist elements.”  Those who joined it, and who practiced various forms of abuse of the people of the governorate, led by activists, media professionals and opponents of the Brotherhood’s authority.

They also demanded the speedy formation of a special court to try the governor, Muhammad bin Adiyo, and the military leaders who handed over the districts of "Usailan, Bayhan and Ain" to the Houthi militia, while continuing to coordinate with them to attack the people of Shabwa and abuse them on all the roads linking the districts and the city of Ataq, the center of the governorate.

The people of Shabwa demanded the speedy return of the sums looted by the current local authority, which were looted from the wealth of Shabwa, and distributed to Brotherhood leaders in regional countries, and depriving the people of the governorate from obtaining the most basic rights represented in providing a basic consumer commodity, household gas cylinders and oil derivatives, as their governorate is rich in oil and has multiple wealth, they lack the most basic services, and are deprived of jobs and joining the military and security corps, and oil and mineral colleges.

The leadership of the Brotherhood in Shabwa, headed by the terrorist bin Adiyo, granted great privileges to members of the terrorist organization Islah Party from outside the governorate, in the College of Oil and Minerals, and employed a number of them in positions and jobs in all government offices in the governorate, as well as recruiting them in terrorist combat formations, outside of the authority of legitimacy and the coalition, and subject to the orders and directives of leaders in the organization.

Many Shabwa residents stated that terrorist elements affiliated with the Islah Party under the leadership of Bin Adyio, had established, during the past three years, destruction and terrorism, killings and arrests against members of the Shabwa Elite Forces, activists, journalists, community leaders and intellectuals from the people of Shabwa, who refused to submit to the corruption of Bin Adyio.

The tribal leader, Sheikh Lahmar Ali Sud al-Awlaki confirmed that the concessions made by the governor of Shabwa, aimed at absorbing the peaceful popular movement, cannot be accepted.

Al-Awlaki tweeted, that the survival of Governor Bin Adyio through any solutions that violate the Riyadh Agreement is a victory for the Brotherhood and terrorism in Shabwa.

He pointed out that what was published regarding reconciliation came from the presidential office in an attempt to eliminate the demands of the people of Shabwa.

He concluded by saying: There is no backing off or retraction until the Brotherhood's governor, Bin Adyio, is removed, but rather is brought to justice and tried for the crimes he committed during his rule.