The coalition targets Houthi sites that include experts and quality weapons in four governorates

English - الأربعاء 01 ديسمبر 2021 الساعة 09:29 م
Aden, NewsYemen, Exclusive:

Today, Wednesday, Saudi-led Arab coalition fighters continued their air operations against targets and sites, described as legitimate, belonging to the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Sanaa and other governorates.

 Local sources in Amran governorate stated that coalition warplanes bombed, with three raids, a secret militia site in the "Al-Amsha" area between Amran and Saada, a few hours after the arrival of vehicles carrying weapons and missiles coming from Sanaa to the area.

It explained that violent explosions occurred at the targeted site, while Houthi crews and ambulances were seen rushing to the bombing site, and imposed a cordon on the area, and worked to transport bodies and injured people towards the city of Amran and Sana'a.

In Sanaa, coalition fighters bombed, "this afternoon", a secret Houthi site in the headquarters of the formerly armored First Division, which the militias turned into a command headquarters that includes Houthi leaders and experts from Iran and Hezbollah, destroying a weapons store, missile assembly workshops and marches.

The coalition fighters carried out, at dawn today, five raids on Houthi sites in the vicinity of Sanaa airport, al-Daylami base and "Khidr" area, in which a missile battalion was destroyed, which was transporting weapons from the airport and al-Dailami towards "Khidr" east of the airport, which was confirmed by the Arab coalition, which announced  It also intercepted and destroyed a march launched by the militias from Sanaa airport, which was destroyed over Amran Governorate.

In Saada, coalition warplanes bombed a Houthi site that includes combat vehicles and tactical weapons in a mountainous area between the districts of "Haidan and Al Dhaher", which led to huge explosions, according to eyewitnesses.

In addition, the Arab coalition announced that it had carried out 33 targets against the Houthi militia in Marib, which destroyed 16 Houthi combat vehicles and two air defense systems, leaving more than 120 Houthis dead.

He also announced the thwarting of a terrorist operation targeting international navigation in the southern Red Sea with a booby-trapped boat belonging to the Houthi militia, launched from Hodeidah, noting that the operation threatens freedom of navigation and regional and international security.