The Minister of Foreign Affairs refutes the lies of the Brotherhood about Balhaf (video)

English - الخميس 02 ديسمبر 2021 الساعة 09:39 م
Aden, NewsYemen:

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the legitimate government, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, blew up the lies of the Islah Party, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, about the presence of the United Arab Emirates in Balhaf, Shabwa Governorate, southeast of Yemen.

 In an interview with the "Without Borders" program on the Qatari Al-Jazeera channel, Minister Bin Mubarak said that the highest priority is to unify all efforts inside Yemen and with our brothers, led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

He added, "We are fighting on one front, and we have a main goal in front of us, which is to confront the Iranian project and its Houthi arm, which is trying to control all of Yemen."

He continued, "We cannot create battles while we are facing a real danger on all fronts," referring to the Houthi militia, which "Ibn Mubarak" said, "they not only wants to control Balhaf, but rather the oil fields under the legitimate hands of all of Yemen."  

The Minister of Foreign Affairs considered that "provoking a storm with Balhaf is to fabricate side battles and divert the compass away from the main battle with the Houthi militia," referring to the Brotherhood organization that uses Balhaf and Al-Mahra as symbols for escalation against the Saudi-led Arab coalition.

The minister lied the Brotherhood's allegations about the UAE's refusal to leave Balhaf, and said that the Yemeni government is authorized to talk about Balhaf and did not talk to the coalition about that, adding, "We, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are in one battle against the Houthis”