The blood of the south mixes and narrates Shabwa, achieving historic victories against the arm of Iran

English - الثلاثاء 04 يناير 2022 الساعة 05:57 م
Shabwa, NewsYemen, private:

The south continues to irrigate with the blood of its free people the soil of the southern governorate of Shabwa, since the start of Operation Cyclone South to liberate the three Baihan districts that were voluntarily handed over to the Houthi militia by the overthrown Brotherhood authority militia.

The people of Shabwa, in particular, and the south in general, mourned, on social media, the martyrs of the south who sacrificed their lives to liberate the soil of Shabwa Governorate from the claws of the arm of Iran and the Brotherhood.

Activists circulated some statistics about the number of martyrs: 8 martyrs from Al-Dhalea, 6 martyrs from Yafa, 4 martyrs from Al-Musaimir Lahj, 5 martyrs from Al-Sabiha, 5  Martyrs from Karsh area, 20 martyrs from Shabwa, 3 martyrs from Abyan, one from Aden, and one from Hadramout.

The successive victories achieved by the forces of the southern giants in Usaylan Shabwa exposed the Brotherhood’s conspiracy and revealed to everyone the reality of the relationship between the Brotherhood and the Houthi militia.

In the developments of Operation Cyclone of the South, the forces of the Southern Giants Brigades, led by Brigadier General Abu Zara’a al-Muharrami, with the support of the Arab coalition aircraft, managed to liberate the Hajar Kahlan area and Tawal al-Sada, and continued their advance towards the Naqoub north of Baihan in the Usaylan district of Shabwa governorate.

And the political journalist, Nabil Al-Sufi, shared a post mourning one of the heroes of the martyrs of Bayhan from the sons of Mukayras, and wrote: Forget about the ship of return... here is the heroism and here is the war, referring to the ship that the Houthis seized yesterday

Al-Sufi said about the incident of the ship: The scrap ship may be a security achievement for the Houthis, but the weapons and militarization are not worth it.The worrying in our comments on the incident is how we take turns in the north to present our country as a hopeless situation, and that the Houthi is the party that this north deserves. 

And he added, in another tweet: The south has guards who are assured that they will be martyred in a war whose results will not be lost.

Academic Hussein Laqour wrote, in a tweet, martyrs in the battle to liberate Bayhan from Al-Dhalea, Shabwa, Yafa, Abyan, and from Lahj Al-Khadra. Their blood irrigated the sands and valleys of Shabwa, and dropped the bets of money dwarves and small souls who wanted to divide the south.

The political activist, Zaid bin Nafeh, said yesterday, Al-Dhalea, and today young, five martyrs and 13 wounded have come forward in order to liberate Shabwa from the tails of Iran.  May he rest in peace.

The activist, Abu al-Hassan bin Shamlan, demanded that the martyrs of the giants be buried in a cemetery in Shabwa called the cemetery of the giants’ martyrs, and said: We want this cemetery to be a witness to a history that restrains all those who sow regionalism and racism among the free people of the south and every inch.  From the land of South Arabia deserve martyrs.

From his side, journalist Adel Hanash said, may God have mercy on the martyrs of the southern armed forces who were martyred in Shabwa and Al-Dhalea, your blood is a trust in the necks of all southerners, and its price will only be the restoration of the state of the south with full sovereignty on the borders before May 21 /  May 1990, the men's covenant for men.